EZZ is taking its latest biotic health products into the Aussie household, as new scientific progress makes the complexities of gut health better understood and safer to treat.

Genomic-tech firm, EZZ Life Science Holdings (ASX:EZZ) has held an EZZ Gastrointestinal Health Conference. At the conference, they also talked about the two new consumer health products which aim to promote a healthy digestive system and immune system function, treat diarrhoea and reduce symptoms of medically diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

EZZ Biotic EnGastro Capsule and EZZ Biotic HHP Support Probiotic aim to target the bacterial balance in the gut and provide effective microbiome digestive support where imbalances can activate the immune system and combat H.Pylori.

Officially launched in December 2021, the EZZ branded Biotic products are being sold in pharmacies around Australia.

Discussing the latest radical changes in understanding the immune system, was The University of Sydney Pharmacology Professor Luis Vitetta and EZZ Chairman Glenn Cross, who was the former CEO and COO of AusBiotech.


Focus on genomics

Cross told the conference, which was chaired by Seven News finance and biz editor Gemma Acton, that the company was focusing on genomic research and product development to isolate and unpack four key areas including:

  • longevity
  • human papillomavirus (some 80% of sexually active adults have it)
  • helicobacter pylori, a bacteria that grows in the digestive tract which causes ulcers and increases the risk of stomach cancers
  • weight management.

“We are focused on personalised health products which is what genomics is about so you will see a lot more well-being products tailored to your personal needs coming out from EZZ,” Cross said.

Vitetta, who worked with EZZ to formulate the products, said that helicobacter pylori was one of about 12 cancer-causing bacteria.

“It has a number of structural features which cause it to burrow through mucus in the stomach and can cause cancer,” he said.

“The studies seem to report the prevalence is somewhere between 30 and 50% of middle-aged adults being infected with this bacterium so it can be a serious problem.”

Vitetta said often people don’t know they are infected until they have symptoms.

“The treatment commonly used is a triple antibiotic therapy, but this will disrupt the gastro-intestinal symptom,” he said.

“Creating a probiotic that goes hand in hand as an adjunct medicine to the triple antibiotic therapy makes a hell of a lot of sense because you are trying to protect the gut from further damage from the antibiotic being used to clear the infection.”

He said there’s been a lot of studies now, supporting multi-strain probiotics to protect the gut, when patients are being prescribed antibiotics for an infection.


Need for a balanced gut

Vitetta said science is only starting to understand the importance of a balanced gut in overall health and well-being.

“An unbalanced gut leads to ill health including bloating, constipation,” he said.

“If you are on a broad-spectrum antibiotic, it can cause diarrhoea, so you want to recover that so for everyday people a multi-strain probiotic is adjunctive to health.”

He said a lack of effective exercise, inadequate diet and daily stressors can make people feel not quite right.

“A transient consumption of multi-strain probiotic can help rebalance the gut and that’s the best way to put this,” he said.

Both Vitetta and Cross stressed the importance of the EZZ products being scientifically based, produced under good manufacturing practices and TGA registered.

Cross said the company plans to release further functional foods and products in coming months and years.


This article was developed in collaboration with EZZ, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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