It’s been an up-and-down week for investors in ASX-listed China exporters.

Things were looking up on Monday when news broke that China was planning to scrap all limits on the number of children a family can have.

Cue the celebrations for ASX-listed infant formula stocks.

China’s one-child policy was introduced in 1979 and later relaxed to two children in 2016. But the policy has contributed to an ageing population and a shortage of workers.

News agency Bloomberg reported that China’s cabinet now plans to end the policy.

Then on Tuesday sentiment towards China-focused stocks made a u-turn as Chinese State media suggested Beijing could cut Australian imports by up to $US10 billion if Canberra didn’t change its attitude towards China.

“Lowering Aussie exports by $6.45 billion would send cold chills up and down the spine of Australia,” said the government-owned tabloid Global Times — which is known for belligerent statements. “Of course, it would be an even greater shock if the import reductions totalled $10 billion.”

Comments from politicians about rising Chinese Communist Party influence in Australia are a key source of Beijing’s disillusionment, which is now spilling out into the open.

A spokesman for China’s foreign minister Wang Yi said Australia “must break away from its traditional thinking, take off its tinted glasses to look at China’s development from a more positive angle”.

Any move to limit Australian imports would impact a wide variety of ASX stocks in segments from coking coal to battery metals to infant formula.

Cue the hand-wringing and angst among China-focused ASX-listed exporters.

ASX investors weren’t impressed, selling down China-focused stocks.

Below is a table of about 45 (non-resources) China-focused ASX companies.

Measured over 12 months, about two-thirds of the stocks show gains — some very significant.

Ten of the best performing 13 stocks in the table are dairy or infant formula exporters such as Jatenergy, Bubs, Bioxyne, Wattle Health, Bellamy’s and A2 Milk. These are showing three-digit gains from 100 per cent all the way to 900 per cent.

Over the past two days, it’s a different story. Wattle, Bioxyne, A2 Milk and Bellamy’s and others have lost ground — albeit nowhere near as much as they have gained over the past year.

Here’s a list of ASX-listed, non-resources stocks with exposure to China.

Most are exporters, though we’ve included a few that are based in China and would presumably be unaffected by any move to limit imports.

ASX code Company Product Two-day price change One-year price change Price May 23 (intraday) Market Cap
S66 STAR COMBO (*listed May 2018) Health supplements -0.221590909091 1.74 1.37 102.7M
WHA WATTLE HEALTH Infant formula -0.194327097164 3.18495297806 1.335 237.8M
AB1 ANIMOCA BRANDS China game licence -0.148936170213 0.379310344828 0.04 21.5M
SKN SKIN ELEMENTS Cosmetics -0.130434782609 -0.625 0.06 5.4M
OBJ OBJ Cosmetics -0.115384615385 -0.59649122807 0.023 45.2M
BXN BIOXYNE Infant formula -0.0945945945946 3.1875 0.067 43.5M
DEM DE.MEM Water treatment -0.09375 -0.532258064516 0.145 16.7M
A2M A2 MILK Infant formula -0.0789473684211 1.81914893617 9.275 7.2B
BFC BESTON GLOBAL Food -0.0731707317073 -0.0952380952381 0.19 88.7M
BEE BROO Beer -0.0714285714286 -0.518518518519 0.13 79.1M
PHK PHOSLOCK WATER Water treatment -0.0483870967742 0.735294117647 0.295 149.4M
WLD WELLARD Beef -0.0416666666667 -0.425 0.115 61.1M
AU8 AUMAKE Daigou -0.0377358490566 219% 0.255 68.9M
BAL BELLAMY'S Infant formula -0.0333333333333 1.87180410515 15.95 1.9B
SM1 SYNLAIT MILK Infant formula -0.0245202558635 1.62931034483 9.15 1.7B
BUB BUBS AUSTRALIA Infant formula -0.0198675496689 4.10344827586 0.74 290.2M
MCA MURRAY COD seafood -0.016393442623 0.0344827586207 0.06 23.6M
AVG AUSTRALIAN VINTAGE wine -0.0162601626016 0.163461538462 0.605 170.9M
MRG MURRAY RIVER ORG Dried fruit -0.0151515151515 -0.121621621622 0.325 44.7M
AHF AUSTRALIA DAIRY Infant formula -0.0108108108108 0.742857142857 0.183 43.7M
JAT JATENERGY Infant formula 0 9 0.14 73.7M
LON LONGTABLE GROUP Dairy and food 0 1.04285714286 0.715 68.4M
AWY AUSTRALIAN WHISKEY alcohol 0 0.4 0.042 22.4M
WNR WINGARA AG Hay and agriculture 0 0.277777777778 0.345 33.4M
RGP REFRESH GROUP Honey Water 0 0.254545454545 0.069 9.2M
LGO LONGREACH OIL (suspended) Infant formula 0 0.142857142857 0.008 --
SBB SUNBRIDGE GROUP clothing 0 0.0909090909091 0.012 5.7M
MTM MARETERRAM seafood 0 0.0384615384615 0.27 41.0M
BAH BOJUN AGRICULTURE (*listed Dec 2017) China-based food grower 0 0 0.3 36.5M
ABT ABUNDANT PRODUCE cosmetics 0 0 0.36 19.8M
BUG BUDERIM GROUP Ginger 0 -0.044776119403 0.32 27.5M
HCT HOLISTA COLLTECH Noodles 0 -0.292307692308 0.092 17.5M
OGA OCEAN GROWN ABALONE (*listed Nov 2017) seafood 0 -0.38 0.155 27.0M
JJF JIAJIAFU MODERN China-based food grower 0 -0.411764705882 0.1 8.5M
FLC FLUENCE CORP Water treatment 0.0111111111111 -0.510752688172 0.455 182.7M
CLV CLOVER CORP Infant formula 0.0116279069767 1.71875 1.305 214.7M
EHH EAGLE HEALTH (*listed Jun 2017) Health supplements 0.0172413793103 -0.2625 0.295 92.3M
HUO HUON AQUACULTURE Seafood 0.0191489361702 -0.042 4.79 415.7M
NAM NAMOI COTTON Cotton seeds 0.03 0.2875 0.515 66.5M
FOD FOOD REVOLUTION Fruit and vege juice 0.05 0.340425531915 0.063 27.3M
CZZ CAPILANO HONEY honey 0.0610147719974 0.162561576355 16.52 151.3M
SFG SEAFARMS GROUP prawns 0.0857142857143 0.041095890411 0.076 98.3M
DW8 DAWINE wine 0.166666666667 -0.461538461538 0.007 3.5M
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