• Respiri’s wheezo RPM will be installed in New Mexico, USA
  • Beamtree signs new distributor
  • Bionomics welcomes new CEO


Respiri (ASX:RSH) has secured another primary care practice, Hand Family Healthcare, located in Clovis, New Mexico, USA.

Under the deal, Respiri’s wheezo RPM (remote patient monitoring) program will be provided to patients with asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) at the clinic.

New Mexico has a large rural population, making RPM an important clinical primary service given the distances patients would need to travel to receive treatment.

Respiri believes the wheezo device’s ease of use, secure integrated systems and Access Telehealth’s clinical staff monitoring provides an ideal solution for such family practices.

The company is expected to generate revenues from device sales and RPM fees from this arrangement.

“The momentum we have and continue to build is an exciting growth story for the company,” said Marjan Mikel, CEO of Respiri.

“With a strong and growing business development pipeline, nurtured in partnership with our RPM partners, we are confident of securing further primary healthcare practices and hospitals.”

Beamtree signs deal with Abbott

Beamtree Holdings (ASX:BMT) announced a new agreement with Abbott, a leading global healthcare company, to distribute Beamtree’s RippleDown products.

Abbott will distribute RippleDown, branded as ‘AlinIQ Clinical Decision Support, Powered by RippleDown’ to pathology and radiology clients.

“Beamtree is a pioneer in the automation of human expertise, and this new partnership approach will enable us to bring RippleDown’s industry-leading technology to an expanded global market,” said Beamtree’s CEO, Tim Kelsey.

The deal will see Abbott pay an annual product fee for smaller single laboratory clients and revenue share for larger customers.

In the context of Beamtree’s current company forecast, Beamtree expects the agreement to be a material contribution to its total revenue.

Bionomics welcomes new CEO

Bionomics (ASX:BNO) has appointed Spyridon “Spyros” Papapetropoulos as its new CEO, effective 5 January 2023.

Papapetropoulos is an experienced biopharmaceutical executive, a recognised neuroscientist/neurologist, and change agent with a 25-year career focused on CNS disorders.

He held various positions at CNS-focused start-up/small, medium specialty and large biopharma companies.

Since 2020, Papapetropoulos has been the chief medical officer of Vigil Neuroscience Inc, a Nasdaq-listed biopharmaceutical company developing a pipeline of neuroimmune targeted therapeutics for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders.


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