GeneType identifies 79.5% at risk of serious disease

Genetic Technologies (ASX:GTG) has reported some significant results from its predictive testing across the US and Australia.

Since the introduction of the geneType Risk Assessment Tests, GTG has conducted tests on a substantial number of individuals across the two countries.

The outcomes have unveiled a striking statistic: 79.5% of those tested exhibited an elevated risk for at least one disease.

GTG believes this is a significant finding, driving increased surveillance and screening which will ultimately lead to early detection, early intervention and, ultimately, save lives.

The company’s Multi-Risk Test is a non-invasive method that could identify hidden risks associated with prevalent yet serious diseases.

This advanced test accurately pinpoints individuals at heightened risk for various cancers — such as breast, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, colorectal, and melanoma — as well as cardiovascular diseases and metabolic conditions like Type 2 diabetes.

GTG says the test is a game-changer as it covers a wide range of serious diseases, giving people a clearer view of their health risks.

The test is easy and non-invasive, using a simple saliva sample instead of blood. Each test provides clear advice based on guidelines, helping both patients and doctors make smart decisions about health.

By spotting high-risk individuals early, it allows for proactive care that can improve health outcomes and even save lives.

GTG says GeneType’s approach shows how personalised medicine can make healthcare more effective by tailoring treatments to each person’s genetic makeup.

“We have always believed the geneType Multi-Risk Test is a major step forward in personalised medicine,” said CEO Simon Morriss.

“These real time results validate the utility of geneType in identifying people at high risk of disease, and importantly, they enable individuals and healthcare providers to take control of their health.”


EZZ targets US expansion

Meanwhile, EZZ Life Science (ASX:EZZ) is gearing up for a big move into the United States after securing approvals from the FDA for nine of its popular health products.

This marks a major milestone for the company, known for its focus on improving health through genomic research.

With the FDA’s green light, EZZ is set to introduce products like Children’s Essential Minerals, Brain Focus supplements, and Joint Energy Boost Tablets to American consumers.

These products have already found success in other markets, making them prime candidates for the US launch.

Glenn Cross, chairman of EZZ Life Science, expressed excitement about the expansion, highlighting it as a significant step forward for the company’s growth strategy.

“We are thrilled to have received FDA approval for a range of our products. This is a monumental achievement for EZZ and a validation of our commitment to excellence in product quality and innovation,” Cross said.

The US market presents a massive opportunity for EZZ, especially with a strong trend towards online sales of health supplements reaching billions of dollars annually.

EZZ plans to leverage its new US subsidiary to tap into this lucrative market, aiming to reach consumers through online platforms and marketplaces.





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