Starting out as a DVD rental business, Netflix is a disruptive global success story, leveraging content delivery through new technology to subscribers. And Netflix is now a household name – and even a verb!

Netflix is amazing. So much content, and an ever-growing catalogue of features. You can watch it on a computer or a mobile phone. It’s cheap, but it isn’t cheap because it cut corners – like only showing you little bits of a movie.

It has instead used the latest technology, and invented much of its own, to make the viewing experience second to none!

As a kid all I had was the ABC. And a ball and a stick… obviously. Then, a new TV station, just for the country, called GWN came along and I discovered immediately that I hated ads (but really wanted to eat the quarter chicken and chips at River Rooster), even though they were explained away “like an intermission” that allowed those with small bladders to run to the john.

“Ads suck!”, he said, knowing full well the situational irony of the statement…

As I explained last week, I am a very good boy. So I never accidentally downloaded viruses through Limewire and I definitely never got a letter from my ISP asking whether I had illegally downloaded the Dallas Buyers Club on The Pirate Bay. So Netflix’s vast content library is a godsend for me.

The most amazing things about Netflix aren’t immediately obvious. It shows ‘shows’ – but so does the telly, and so did VHS.

It’s a monthly subscription, which is a bit of a commitment given free-to-air is free – but it’s cheaper per month than what it cost me to overnight hire ‘The Nutty Professor’ starring Eddie Murphy (and I use that term, ‘starring’, very loosely) when it first came out as a new release on video.


But it’s the way it delivers content on PC, smart TV, mobile. The way you can quickly move around through all the large and growing amounts of content, and it’s laid out in a way that makes sense.

No more rewinding blindly because your sister watched the ending of your show, no more digging around in a TV guide to see what’s coming up between 7 and 7.30pm next Tuesday. No more setting the TiVo to record, then finding out you messed up AM and PM and you taped some hour-long informercial selling the Cham-wow.

Even better, click anywhere on the screen to stop and start the show. Skip the credits and the intro with one click of a button. Search and then binge-watch all sorts of content.

They have old shows, the latest shows and are constantly promising new and exciting TV programs and movies to let you know that this is only part of the journey!

Really, the only way for Netflix to sell the true benefits of Netflix to people is to have people use it, and then tell their friends how good it is and why. And recently, Netflix became so successful that they even stopped offering a free trial…

What an investment too. And a great example of how technology has made a big improvement to an existing industry, and managed to significantly reduce the total cost of usage. If you are still only watching free-to-air, I can categorically tell you that you are watching TV wrong.

Wait, there’s more!

It all reminds me of another company I know. A new ASX share trading platform designed to make the market easier to trade, without removing the tools you need or opening you up to unnecessary risks? Reviewing ageing cost structures to bring the total cost of share trading to its lowest possible level, without cutting corners? Using technology to your financial benefit, not just making it look hip? And now it even has streaming?

That’s right. I am saying that. I am calling Marketech Focus the Netflix of ASX trading! Many of you have already worked it out (and love it) and know what’s coming, but here are a few of our current favourites, some new releases and some trading blockbusters that are coming soon!

Continue Watching

The Depth (2020): a thrilling battle played out in real-time between buyers and sellers, where all is not necessarily what it seems… takes you deeper than any app has ever taken you before!

On High Alert (2020): a chilling reminder that even the most avid market watcher can miss a trade. ‘On High Alert’ is a set-and-forget sleeper that takes over your constant monitoring and lets you get on with your day – while your app reminds you when it’s time for action!

A Chart both Technical and Functional (2020): an insightful love story between your favourite technical overlays and smouldering on-the-chart trading, set within the app and the PC. You’ll never look at another charting program the same way again.

How Not to Get Screwed (2020): a lighthearted reminder that the Trustees of Pooled Investment Trusts (or special purpose HINs…bahahahaaaa! A what?!) are people, and sometimes they make ‘mistakes’ or ‘errors’, and sometimes that leads to people losing all of their money. A stark reminder of the extensive ‘pooled trustee loss-porn’ back catalogue including ‘I lost all my dimes in Opes Prime’ (2008) and ‘BB…Y did you Lose my Dough?’ (2015).


New Release Blockbusters – due in November

The Streaming (2020): a mind-blowing journey into the world of live streaming pricing. You’ll never be able to look at click-to-refresh (or 20-minute delayed prices!) the same way. Coming now, free-to-stream to all Marketech Focus monthly subscribers! 10/10, trading feature of the year.

Free/Mium (2020): a story for the part-time trader with commitment issues, who only trades a bit from time to time. Starring Marketech FocusLite in its breakout role as a platform with all live (clicky) prices competing in a delayed pricing world. Competing and winning.

Sharesight: Tax Detective (2020): Garry Sharesight is a seasoned taxation and portfolio manager, who plays by his own rules. Watch as he teams up via direct link with M.K.T. Focus using the latest technology, not letting a partially franked dividend or stock-split get in his way as he saves traders (from having to email their contract notes and then check that they are correct, or try and navigate the download and transfer of trading histories through a CSV file or something, damn it I may as well type them all in than go through this nonsense… wait – wut? MKT just needs my account number and it’s automatic?) as they try to correctly calculate their tax and portfolio returns, and always stay one step ahead of the evil Doctor ATO.

Blockbusters in production

Orders with Conditions (in pre-production, est. early 2021?) – delayed due to the outbreak of inexperienced traders on the ASX, ‘Orders with Conditions’ will feature such stars as the Stop-Loss brothers (Normal and Trailing) and character actor, Buy the Break.

Almost Algo (in pre-production, est. 2021) – a sci-fi classic re-imagined with real technology. Rumoured to have been based on the classic ‘it’s a bot!’ theories of paranoid chat-room clowns, ‘Algo’ reinvents the whole share trading genre with live-market scanning for patterns, highlighting trends and correlations, finding you trades and getting you ahead of the game. It’s a ‘choose your own adventure’ in the stockmarket where you dictate the trades, and your robot finds them for you – live. Looking for a breakout, bounce trade, divvy yield, % movement up after a few down days, MA cross, volume spike?? Here, what about these ones, sir…

We still have a free trial, but if we play it out like Netflix, we soon won’t. So if you haven’t already, try it out now. Don’t just open it up and think “yep, that’s a trading platform”. Actually play around, follow the market on it for a week or so, place some practice orders and see how easy it is to get around – and how much more information it has over and above the thing you are using now. Streaming pricing is absolutely addictive and still really cheap!

Then do the math, work out how much you’d have paid in brokerage even with the monthly $45. Don’t you like money? Do you really think you should be scrimping on managing your money by using delayed price data that is click-to-refresh? It’s literally five minutes to do the paperwork on a new account online and then we’ll help you with the rest.

It takes a little longer to open a normal bank account and individual trading account than a pooled bank account and being signed into a pooled trust, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind.

And if it’s missing something, tell us! We want to make this the best trading platform for our subscribers, to give you an edge over those traders using these new ‘cheap, but points for being really good looking’ platforms. If it can be imagined and it uses ASX data, we can build it!

Once you’ve opened your account, and told us what you’d want just sit back as we roll out our upcoming latest and greatest, through our Netflix of the ASX, for traders that want more.

So settle in…for some ‘Marketech and Chill’…


At Marketech our platform is about technology, providing you the tools and technology to trade.  We encourage our high-function trading platform to get you live pricing, live charts, live market depth to ensure you have the tools and  trading capability at your fingertips, and on your mobile phone or PC.  You trade your own stock on your individual HIN. It is your cash in your own Macquarie account where you keep the competitive interest you earn.

Our subscribers get access to brokerage starting at $5, and then 0.02 per cent for trades over $25k.  If you want to trade the market you need immediate access wherever you are and the seamless Marketech mobile app means you are live anywhere anytime.

For more information, visit Any queries regarding Marketech should be directed to Marketech and not to Stockhead.

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