In October, at least 15 ASX companies are releasing over 270 million escrowed shares.

Escrow Watch is Stockhead’s monthly recap of the ASX companies that are releasing shares currently in escrow (also known as restricted securities) over the coming weeks.

ASX shares in escrow are “locked away” and not listed on the bourse so owners can’t sell them – until they’re released.

This is intended to depict to would-be investors when raising capital that the management and previous investors are still backing the venture and aren’t raising capital just so they can “sell out”.

While there’s no guarantee holders of escrowed shares will sell at that point, the mere fact that they will be able to is worth knowing – particularly if shares have substantially moved one way or the other.

Click here for a more detailed description of the ASX rules surrounding escrow arrangements.


Here’s a list of ASX companies with shares coming out of escrow in October 2021…

Code Company Date of Release Shares % of shares on issue
OZZ OZZ Resources Ltd 27-Oct 2,099,500 7.79%
PHL Propell Holdings Ltd 16-Oct 9,696,301 11.89%
BMO Bastion Minerals Ltd 6 and 28 Oct 3,225,500 4.71%
KTG K-TIG Ltd 8-Oct 41,204,799 32.20%
M2R Miramar Resources Ltd 22-Oct 1,350,000 2.86%
HMC Home Consortium Ltd 11-Oct 93,333,335 32.15%
MYD Ltd 22-Oct 45,210,000 17.46%
ZBT Zebit Inc 26-Oct 1,303,187 1.38%
CPT Cipherpoint 1-Oct 21,750,000 8.13%
TMG Trigg Mining 3-Oct 17,787,500 18.38%
KFM Kingfisher Mining 7-Oct & 13 Oct 500,000 1.52%
AHX Apiam Animal Health 1-Oct 2,894,060 2.15%
TMZ Thomson Resources 4-Oct 35,000,000 7.41%
ELO Elmo Software 7-Oct 699,765 0.77%
AWJ Auric Mining 5-Oct 537,336 1.05%
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Property manager Home Consortium (ASX:HMC) is releasing 93 million shares on 11 October – the second anniversary of its listing date.

These shares are owned by an entity called “HIC Trustee” which is majority owned by aged care operator Arrum (which shares David Di Pilla as boss) but has Spotlight, Chemist Warehouse Group and PrimeWest Property Investors owning minority stakes.

The company releasing the biggest proportion as a percentage of its market cap is additive manufacturing company K-TIG (ASX:KTG) which is releasing nearly a third of its shares on issue, adding up to 41.2 million.

MyDeal (ASX:MYD) is releasing 45.21 million shares on 22 October – the first anniversary of its listing. Of these shares, 19 million are owned by founder Sean Senvirtne while 25.72 million are held by the Gandel family.

Potash aspirant Trigg Mining Limited (ASX: TMG) is releasing 17,787,500 million shares, equating to 18.38% of the company’s market capitalisation this coming weekend.

Cash flow management fintech Propell (ASX:PHL) is releasing just under 10 million shares in October 16 – equating to nearly 12% of its market capitalisation.

The release comes six months after its listing and after initially gaining on debut the company has more than halved since coming to market.

And rounding out the companies with the big numbers or percentages of shares coming out of escrow is one of the ASX’s few silver plays in Thomson Resources (ASX:TMZ) which is releasing 35 million shares worth 7.41% of the company this coming Monday.

Other companies releasing smaller shares, many of which are releasing in the next week, include Elmo Software (ASX:ELO), Auric Mining (ASX:AWJ) and Cipherpoint (ASX:CPT).