Sentiment towards natural gas is increasingly positive if the mood at RIU’s Good Oil Conference in Perth this week is any indication.

There is also a notable preponderance of gas-focused plays presenting or exhibiting at the conference this year, which should not come as any surprise due to concerns about ongoing supply and energy security that have seen prices soar.

Examples of these gas-focused plays operating in Australia include Cue Energy (ASX:CUE), Comet Ridge (ASX:COI), Strike Energy (ASX:STX), Tamboran Resources (ASX:TBN) and Empire Energy Group (ASX:EEG) along with ASX aspirant Omega Oil and Gas.

Explorers operating outside of Australia were also well represented with Hartshead Resources (ASX:HHR), ADX Energy (ASX:ADX) and TMK Energy (ASX:TMK) presenting their respective projects.

Vertical Events business development manager Jaxon Crabb told Stockhead sentiment was strong on all levels.

“The sentiment has been strong on all levels, it’s been strong from the participating listed oil and gas companies. Back in April we were fielding lots of demand,” Crabb said.

“Initially the conference was going to be a one-day event, but as you can see due to that demand, we extended it to a two-day conference. So we are really pleased with that level of demand.

“Then’s there the interest from service providers and delegate registrations has been outstanding.

He added that interest from stockbrokers, fund managers, private investors, retiree investors, has been outstanding because a lot of people could see great
opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

“If we are going to mine the amount of future facing metals we need to get to (what) most targets have in 2050, that’s going to require a lot of energy,” Crabb said.

“There’s obviously some issue with supply in Europe and that’s all leading towards a really strong situation for a lot of oil and gas explorers and producers.”
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