ADX is focused on becoming a leading European energy producer and the provider of energy solutions for a low carbon society. We are a producer, explorer and project developer – operating projects in Austria, Romania and Italy.

We produce safe, low greenhouse gas emission energy in Austria to the highest environmental standards while initiating new projects for redeploying our assets, people and skills for transition to low carbon energy production and carbon abatement.

We are also working on implementing proven technologies to become a green energy producer and provider of solutions for a low carbon society which we believe will enhance value for shareholders and the communities in which we operate.

ADX is well positioned to expand our existing oil and gas business as well as build a green energy business for exceptional long term growth. The utilisation of subsurface reservoirs for green energy production is not just good for the environment, it is good business. This compatibility between oil and gas operations, green energy production and emerging decarbonisation technologies enables us to make a strategic shift without diminishing our existing business


Ian Tchacos | B.Eng (Mech.) | Executive Chairman (Appointed 2 March 2010)

Mr Tchacos was appointed as Non-Executive Chairman of ADX on 2 March 2010 and appointed as Executive Chairman on 28 September 2015. He is a Petroleum Engineer with over 30 years international experience in corporate development and strategy, mergers and acquisitions, petroleum exploration, development and production operations, commercial negotiation, oil and gas marketing and energy finance. He has a proven management track record in a range of international oil company environments. As Managing Director of Nexus Energy he was responsible for this company’s development from an onshore micro-cap explorer to an ASX top 200 offshore producer and operator.

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Paul Fink | MSc (Geophysics) | Executive Director (Appointed 25 February 2008)

Mr Fink has over 25 years of petroleum exploration and production industry experience in technical and management positions. He is a graduate from the Mining University of Leoben, Austria and started his career as a seismic data processing geophysicist and then worked predominantly on international exploration and development projects and assignments in Austria, Libya, Bulgaria, UK, Australia and Pakistan as Exploration and Reservoir Manager for OMV.

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Edouard Etienvre | MSc (Management) | Non-Executive Director (Appointed 7 January 2020)

Mr Etienvre is an energy and natural resources executive and entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in the oil and gas, mining, shipping and offshore facilities sectors initially with banks including sell-side equity research and reserve-based lending. More recently his experience has included positions with private and public E&P companies, ship owners and offshore facilities owners, mining companies and a mid-size trading group managing investments in companies active in the oil and gas sector.

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