Frontier is another step closer to achieving its goal of becoming a vertically integrated green hydrogen company after moving on a refuelling station in Perth.

The order was placed with ENGV, which together with VYS and PDC Machines, recently built the first retail hydrogen refuelling station in Australia.

Frontier Energy’s (ASX:FHE) refuelling station is due to be completed by 2023 and will be among the first of its kind in Western Australia.

Further locations for hydrogen refuelling stations are being considered as part of the company’s strategy to roll out a hydrogen highway across the state, in line with the government’s focus on renewable hydrogen as a replacement for diesel to reduce reliance on imports.

“Developing Stage One of our Bristol Springs Solar Project (114Mwdc) remains the major focus in the short-term, as the development of the project demonstrates our commitment to not only talk about building clean energy projects, but demonstrates our ability to do so in a meaningful way,” managing director Mike Young said.

“Stage One, however, is only the beginning for the Company’s longer-term ambition, as we aim to be vertically integrated across all facets of the green hydrogen sector.

“By moving quickly to develop one of the first hydrogen refuelling stations in Western Australia, we are demonstrating our intention to be part of the whole value chain in one of the world’s fastest growing industries, however still clearly in its infancy.”

Construction on Bristol Springs remains on track to begin by early 2023.

Hydrogen refuelling station

Frontier is close to finalising the location of its first refuelling station, which will be a compact, on-site facility that integrates an electrolyser, compression, storage and dispensing sub-systems to support a fleet of hydrogen vehicles.

This will be capable of delivering 20kg per day of green hydrogen and is expected to take less than three minutes to completely fill a 5kg tank from empty.

To give a better idea of how much 5kg of hydrogen can deliver, it is just a little less than the single 5.65kg tank that powered a 2021 Toyota Mirai sedan on a 1,360km round trip in California last year.

Frontier’s station will also connect to external storage equipment, allowing it to utilise its hydrogen generation capacity during periods of low demand.




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