Frontier has launched a study looking into expanding the power capacity of its planned Bristol Springs Solar project beyond 500MWdc.

The company has also started a study into the production of green hydrogen using the BSS project’s location and surrounding world-class infrastructure.

BSS is currently planned as a 114MWdc project in Western Australia’s South West region with Frontier Energy (ASX:FHE) having already secured development approval whilst an electricity connection application is already in progress.

“The development of our Bristol Springs Project is well advanced, but the current project (114Mw dc) is only the first stage of our long-term vision,” managing director Mike Young said.

“With vast opportunities for solar expansion as well as other renewable energy solutions, we believe there is future potential to increase the power capacity at the project to in excess of 500MWdc.”

The studies will be led by experienced consultancy Xodus Group who will also consider a range of clean energy scenarios including the potential for green hydrogen production.

“With the Western Australian government’s plans for Green Hydrogen to match LNG market share by 2030, having an early mover advantage in this sector is essential,” Young added.

Bristol solar optimisation study

Frontier has identified additional land acquisition opportunities that could allow an increase in solar power generation of up to 490MWdc.

The solar optimisation study will first assess this expansion scenario then expansion beyond 490MWdc.

While home rooftop solar currently dominates solar power in Western Australia, there are currently only five industrial solar projects with a total capacity of 200MWdc connected to the South West Interconnected System.

The first stage of the BSS project will account for about 36% of this production by 2024 based on current projections.

Meanwhile, the planned hydrogen study will include a market assessment, along with a distribution analysis that will drive the techno-economic evaluation for the production, storage, and export of green hydrogen produced by the company using clean energy from the BSS project.

The preferred case will then be carried forward to the techno-economic study where electrolyser options, storage options and feedstock requirements will be used to determine optimal hydrogen production rate and storage vessel sizing.

Frontier will also complete a hydrogen market assessment to identify potential offtake partners and market prices for green hydrogen.




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