The most successful IPO of 2019 has been telco Uniti Wireless (ASX:UWL), building itself through market excitement and acquisitions.

But the latter has to be paid for and most recently it snapped up phone-word inventory 1300 Australia – paying $78m.

Once again, a group of directors chipped in. First was Vaughan Bowen who came to the company from Vocus Group in March. He bought $1.3m and now owns $12.5m worth of stock.

All of his stock has been bought since joining the company, although the appreciation of the share price has helped.

He bought $951,561 in March which was $4.4m by June, then be bought another $1.55m.

In September he bought $3.35m and was joined by other directors including Graeme Barclay who then bought $1.46m.

Barclay bought another $200,000 this week and now owns just over $6.5m worth of shares. Also, Michael Simmons bought another $162,000 taking his shareholding value to over $13m.


More group buying

A trio of directors from payments platform EML Payments’ (ASX:EML) also bought this week. In the company’s retail rights issue, David Liddy bought $568,000, Peter Martin bought $226,415 and Thomas Cregan bought almost $5.2m.

Two directors from Latin America-focused lithium play PepinNini Lithium (ASX:PNN) went shopping together as well. Rebecca Holland-Kennedy chipped in nearly $5m, while Sarah Clifton-Brown spent $100,000 on more shares.

Shaun Scott of coal seam gas play Comet Ridge (ASX:COI) bought $114,000 worth of shares and Alta Zinc’s (ASX:AZI) Geraint Harris bought $150,000.

Civil engineering firm MacMahon Holdings (ASX:MAH) saw Bruce Munro spend $125,000 on market.

Robert Sofoulis from digital media platform Swift Media (ASX:SW1) bought $325,000 worth in a placement.



There were two sellers this week, first was Imdex’s (ASX:IMD) Bernie Ridgeway who sold $600,000 to pay a tax bill, although in the same week he also bought $100,000.

Second was AMA Group’s (ASX:AMA) Leath Nicholson, who sold $121,288 saying he had to meet a financial commitment. But in the same week, his colleague Andrew Hopkins bought $500,000.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
COI Comet Ridge Shaun Scott Buy 9 December 600,000 $114,000 On market
CGR CML Group Geoffrey Sam Buy 5 December 301,890 $144,907 Rights Issue
IMD Imdex Bernie Ridgeway Sell 6 December 600,000 $960,000 On market
PNN PepinNini Lithium Rebecca Holland-Kennedy Buy 9 December 29,410,765 $4,999,830 Rights Issue
PNN PepinNini Lithium Sarah Clifton-Brown Buy 9 December 588,236 $100,000 Rights Issue
AMA AMA Group Leath Nicholson Sell 3 December 100,000 $121,288 On market
AMA AMA Group Andrew Hopkins Buy 3 December 500,000 $504,070 On market
EML EML Payments David Liddy Buy 6 December 160,000 $568,000 Rights Issue
EML EML Payments Thomas Cregan Buy 6 December 1,461,223 $5,187,342
EML EML Payments Peter Martin Buy 6 December 63,779 $226,415.45
AZI Alta Zinc Geraint Harris Buy 6 December 30,000,000 $150,000 Capital raising
MAH MacMahon Holdings Bruce Munro Buy 10 December 500,000 $125,000 On market
UWL Uniti Group Graeme Barclay Buy 11 December 125,000 $202,500 Rights Issue
UWL Uniti Group Michael Simmons Buy 11 December 100,000 $162,000 Rights Issue
UWL Uniti Group Vaughan Bowen Buy 5 December 818,490 $1,325,954 Rights Issue
SW1 Swift Media Robert Sofoulis Buy 12 December 2,241,379 $325,000 Placement
SXY Senex Energy Trevor Bourne Buy 12 December 500,000 $175,419.91 On market
CYM Cyprium Metals Gary Comb Buy 11 December 476,190 $100,439.89 On market
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