The volume of ASX directors’ trades, the buys and the sales, have been heating up as the Christmas shopping season commences.

There were 30 trades above $100,000, none trades above $1 million and two were $10 million or more.

The majority of the biggest trades by ASX directors were sales rather than buys.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
AV1 Adveritas Mark McConnell Buy 20 November 8,000,000 $1,120,000 On market
LRK Lark Distilling Geoff Bainbridge Buy 23 November 105,000 $152,250 On market
PPK PPK Group Glenn Molloy Buy 20 November 37,035 $141,777 Dividend Reinvestment plan
HCD Hydrocarbon Dynamics Stephen Mitchell Buy 23 November 7,462,416 $149,268 Rights Issue
NXS Next Science Bruce Hancox Buy 24 November 130,000 $149,344 On market
PPL Pureprofile Andrew Edwards Buy 24 November 7,877,528 $157,550 Rights Issue
FID Fiducian Group Samir Hallab Buy 25 November 20,000 $117,638 On market
CHN Chalice Gold Mines Stephen Quin Sell 26 November 120,470 $438,558 On market
PSI PSC Insurance Group Paul Dwyer Sell 25 November 10,000,000 $30,000,000 Off market
PSI PSC Insurance Group Brian Austin Sell 25 November 3,333,333 $10,000,000 Off market
FFX Firefinch Alistair Cowden Buy 27 November 750,000 $113,000 On market
SES Secos Group Donald Haller Buy 26 November 7,627,920 $478,826 Placement
NXM Nexus Minerals Paul Boyatzis Sell 27 November 1,500,000 $225,000 On market
4DS 4DS Memory David McAuliffe Sell 26 November 5,000,000 $733,757 On market
SXY Senex Energy Ian Davies Sell 20 November 4,269,021 $1,460,230 On market
AMA AMA Group Andrew Hopkins Buy 24 November 3,000,000 $2,329,500 On market
KME Kip McGrath Education Centres Storm McGrath Sell 26 November 200,000 $280,000 Off market
PNV PolyNovo Paul Brennan Sell 1 December 200,000 $678,000 On market
PNV PolyNovo Bruce Rathie Sell 1 December 355,555 $1,194,478 On market
PPK PPK Group Dale Mcnamara Sell 27 November 1,500,000 $8,250,000 Off market
PPK PPK Group Robin Levison Sell 27 November 345,000 $1,897,500 Off market
TUA Tuas Robert Millner Buy 30 November 1,000,000 $684,148 On market
HAS Hastings Technology Metals Charles Lew Buy 1 December 4,000,000 $500,000 Placement
WGO Warrego Energy Gregory Columbus Buy 1 December 1,500,000 $315,000 Placement
ANO AnteoTech Geoff Cumming Sell 27 November 1,289,013 $128,901 On market
SXY Senex Energy Ian Davies Sell 20 August 4,269,021 $1,460,230 On market
GRV Greenvale Mining Anthony Leibowitz Sell 1 December 7,368,420 $140,000 Placement
PNV PolyNovo Leon Hoare Sell 2 December 100,000 $345,400 On market
DDR Dicker Data Fiona Brown Buy 1 December 10,485 $106,616 Dividend Reinvestment plan
SRN Surefire Resources Vladimir Nikolaenko Buy 27 November 24,549,276 $117,409 Rights Issue
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The biggest ASX director sales

Leading the way were two directors hailing from PSI Insurance Group (ASX:PSI) – Paul Dwyer and Austin. The pair sold down $30 million and $10 million in shares as part of their company’s $60 million capital raising.

Another pair who sold big as part of a capital raising were Dale McNamara and Robin Levison from mining services company PPK Group (ASX:PPK). They sold $8.25 million and $1.9 million respectively.

The trade came only a few days after their colleague Glenn Molloy bought just over $141,000 in a dividend reinvestment plan.

Bruce Rathie and Paul Brennan of burns tech stock Polynovo (ASX:PNV) parted with $1,194,478 and $678,000 respectively.

Rathie’s explanation was that he was purchasing a commercial office while Paul Brennan was funding renovations of a residential property.

The biggest solo sellers included Senex Energy’s (ASX:SXY) Ian Davies, who had a tax bill to pay, and 4DS Memory’s (ASX:4DS) David McAuliffe who listed several reasons including tax but also buying a property and balancing his investment portfolio.


Biggest buyers

Moving from the ASX directors who were on the other side of share sales, the biggest buyer was Andrew Hopkins from automotive care and accessories outlet AMA Group (ASX:AMA) who bought $2.3 million.

Tech rich listed Mark McConnell was the other $1m+ buyer, chipping $1.12 million into Adveritas (ASX:AV1).

Following them was Robert Millner of Tuas (ASX:TUA), buying $684,000. This company is a Singaporean telco that was spun out of TPG before the latter company was swallowed up by Vodafone.

Buying in a capital raising were Gregory Columbus of gas stock Warrego Energy (ASX:WGO) who bought $315,000; Charles Lew of rare earths play Hastings (ASX:HAS) who bought $500,000, and Donald Haller of recyclable plastic products maker Secos Group (ASX:SES) who bought over $478,000.