In the past fortnight there were over 30 directors trades of $100,000 or more among ASX small cap directors.

The list included multiple groups of directors. Five directors from water treatment stock Phoslock (ASX:PET) put in $1.3m between them as part of a placement.

More than half of the investment came from deputy chairman Zhigang Zhang. Another $250,000 came from newcomer Lachlan McKinnon, who replaced departing company veteran Robert Schuitema.

Mortgage broker Australian Finance Group (ASX:AFG) saw four directors sink over six figures into a capital raising of its own.

Tipping in the most was Malcolm Watkins with over $3m and Brett McKeon with $1m. Craig Carter bought $146,364 worth of shares, while Anthony Gill bought $235,228.

Two directors of Queensland renewable energy play Genex Power (ASX:GNX) sold down their shareholdings.

Company founders Simon Kidston and Michael Addison sold $500,750 and $800,000 respectively. According to Genex, it was to pay tax liabilities and fund property renovations.

Finally, coal stock TerraCom (ASX:TER) saw multiple directors, including Craig Ransley and Glen Lewis, buy $11.4m in shares.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
GMV G Medical Innovations Yacov Geva Sell 22 May 41,125,000 $3,330,000 Off market
PSC Prospect Resources Hugh Warner Buy 18 May 4,091,668 $204,583 Rights Issue
AO1 Assetowl Simon Trevisan Buy 25 May 15,112,500 $120,900 Rights Issue
AGY Argosy Minerals Alexander Molyneux Sell 21 May 3,550,000 $184,275 On market
CLB Candy Club James Baillieu Buy 26 May 1,274,442 $125,632.00 On market
AFG Australian Finance Group Anthony Gill Buy 25 May 204,546 $235,228 Rights Issue
AFG Australian Finance Group Malcolm Watkins Buy 25 May 2,686,506 $3,089,482 Rights Issue
AFG Australian Finance Group Brett McKeon Buy 25 May 869,566 $1,000,001 Rights Issue
AFG Australian Finance Group Craig Carter Buy 25 May 127,273 $146,364 Rights Issue
CIO Champion Iron David Cataford Sell 21 May 300,000 CA$690,000 On market
EVS Envirosuite Hugh Robertson Buy 27 May 1,277,659 $169,436 Off market
LTR Liontown Resources Timothy Goyder Buy 26 May 2,400,000 $300,000 On market
OSL Oncosil Medical Roger Aston Buy 28 May 1,137,869 $102,408 Rights Issue
DGO DGO Gold Brue Parncutt Sell 28 May 100,000 $150,000 Off market
UCM Uscom Xianhui Meng Buy 22 May 544,559 $122,696 On market
MVF Monash IVF Richard Henshaw Buy 27 May 335,517 $174,469 Rights Issue
EXP Experience Co Anthony Boucaut Sell 26 May 713,000 $103,385 On market
OFX OFX Grant Murdoch Buy 21 May 100,000 $135,033 On market
TER TerraCom Craig Ransley & Glen Lewis Buy 29 May 67,359,578 $11,451,128 Off market
MCP McPhersons Laurence McAllister Sell 28 May 50,000 $134,676 On market
DDR Dicker Data Fiona Brown Buy 1 June 14,700 $103,448 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
AVH Avita Medical Michael Perry Sell 2 June 4,953,151 $2,382,961 On market
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Brenda Shanahan Buy 3 June 200,000 $100,000 Placement
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Lachlan McKinnon Buy 3 June 500,000 $250,000 Placement
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Zhigang Zhang Buy 3 June 1,500,000 $750,000 Placement
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Ningping Ma Buy 3 June 200,000 $100,000 Placement
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Laurence Freedman Buy 3 June 200,000 $100,000 Placement
GTG Genetic Technologies Jerzy Muchnicki Buy 29 May 41,733,332 $200,000 On market
AGS Alliance Resources Ian Gandel Buy 4 June 18,281,154 $1,462,492 Rights Issue
GNX Genex Power Simon Kidston Sell 3 June 2,500,000 $500,750 Off market
GNX Genex Power Michael Addison Sell 2 June 4,000,000 $800,000 Off market
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The solo traders

The biggest solo trade came from Ian Gandel, who continues buying more of gold junior Alliance Resources (ASX:AGS). He acquired another $1.46m in shares as part of a rights issue.

Last year he made a bid to acquire the whole company which resulted in him gaining a hefty stake in the company, but not quite 100 per cent.

Another notable resources identity, Timothy Goyder, took another leap of faith in lithium play Liontown Resources (ASX:LTR), purchasing $300,000 worth of shares.

Consumer stocks saw notable buyers too. Victorian business identity James Baillieu made another vote of confidence in sweet distributor Candy Club (ASX:CLB), buying just over $125,000.

Monash IVF’s (ASX:MVF) Richard Henshaw bought $174,469 of the IVF provider’s shares while AssetOwl’s (ASX:AO1) Simon Trevisan bought $120,900. Both buys were part of a rights issue.

Grant Murdoch, of forex service provider OFX (ASX:OFX), bought $135,033 on market.

Among the solo sellers, the biggest was G Medical Innovations (ASX:GMV) chief Yacov Geva, who parted with $3.3m worth of shares.

G Medical told shareholders the sale was to an institutional investor and done to repay a third party loan which he secured to advance funds to the company.

Avita Medical (ASX:AVH) boss Michael Perry sold $2.3m to pay a tax bill. However, thanks to the vesting of restricted stock units (having served the company for three years), he finished last week with more shares than what he began with.