It is common for directors to be prohibited from trading their company’s shares ahead of an AGM, and with last week marking the end of the AGM season it kicked off a frenzied trading spree.

With restrictions lifted, 25 directors made trades worth over $100,000, with 15 buying and 10 selling.

Four of the sellers were from PainChek (ASX:PCK), which is one of 2019’s ASX success stories after rising from below 4c in early April to above 20c now.


The trigger for its staggering run was a $5m funding package from the Morrison government.

Four directors sold over $9m between them to fund tax bills as a result of exercising options. But they sold to institutional shareholders (as other company directors have done) and put a 12-month escrow on their new shares.

Also selling after exercising options was Spirit Telecom’s (ASX:ST1) Terence Gray, who parted with $281,250 off market but exercised $237,500 worth of options only a few days earlier.

Like Uniti (ASX:UWL), Spirit is vying to be an alternative to the NBN but the success of Uniti has thus far eluded Spirit. But ironically, Uniti made a takeover bid earlier this year and it was rejected.

Australian Financial Group’s (ASX:AFG) Malcolm Watkins and Brett McKeon sold $12.5m and $15m respectively. The reason? To assist in diversifying their portfolios. Again the shares were sold to institutional investors.

FIFO service provider Alliance Aviation’s (ASX:AQZ) Stephen Padgett sold $637,500. This came only a handful of days after he bought nearly the same amount in a dividend investment program.



You’d probably know Victor Previn as the founder and chairman of eye laser company Ellex (ASX:ELX). But he recently joined the board of South Australian copper-gold explorer Havilah Resources (ASX:HAV). Last week he bought $150,000 in Havilah.

Also in the mining space, Michael Elliot from graphite play Walkabout Resources (ASX:WKT) bought $230,000 on market. And Asimwe Kabunga of bauxite play Lindian Resources (ASX:LIN) bought $200,000 worth of shares.

PointsBet (ASX:PBH) directors have been active buyers and one of them went in again this week. Brett Paton bought over $3m and owns over 7 per cent of the company.

Donald Haller from sustainable packaging play Secos (ASX:SES) bought just over $250,000 worth of stock. After several months of stagnation, Secos shares have had a better few months climbing from 3c in April (when he last bought stock) to 9c last week.

The biggest buyer of all was Denis Wagner of Wagners (ASX:WGN). He co-founded the Queensland construction provider and put $22m into the company’s recent rights’ issue.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
FLN Freelancer Simon Clausen Buy 22 November 192,134 $129,306 On market
BOD Bod Australia Mark Masterson Buy 20 November 441,176 $150,000 On market
OVT Ovato Michael Hannan Sell 22 November 31,653,644 $1,614,336 Off market
LIN Lindian Resources Asimwe Kabunga Buy 21 November 12,500,000 $200,000 Placement
CGS Cogstate David Dolby Buy 22 November 1,133,338 $435,281 On market
OTW Over The Wire Brent Paddon Sell 21 November 650,000 $2,990,000 On market
OTW Over The Wire Michael Omeros Sell 21 November 650,000 $2,990,000 On market
OTW Over The Wire John Puttich Buy 22 November 43,500 $201,200 On market
PPE People Infrastructure Glen Richards Buy 21 November 50,000 $150,000 On market
HAV Havilah Resources Victor Previn Buy 19 November 1,500,000 $150,000 Rights Issue
ST1 Spirit Telecom Terence Gray Sell 25 November 1,250,000 $281,250 Off market
AJM Altura Mining James Brown Buy 22 November 1,700,000 $102,000 Rights Issue
ZNC Zenith Minerals Rodney Joyce Buy 25 November 1,911,915 $105,133 Rights Issue
VPR Volt Power Group Adam Boyd Buy 26 November 720,000,000 $298,512 Off market
AFG Australian Finance Group Malcolm Watkins Sell 27 November 5,000,000 $12,550,000 Off market
AFG Australian Finance Group Brett McKeon Sell 27 November 6,000,000 $15,060,000 Off market
SES SECOS Group Donald Haller Buy 26 November 5,402,107 $256,726.75 Placement
PCK PainChek John Murray Sell 27 November 12,299,748 $2,459,950 On market
PCK PainChek Phillip Daffas Sell 27 November 20,499,581 $4,099,916 On market
PCK PainChek Adam Daves Sell 27 November 6,149,874 $1,229,975 On market
PCK PainChek Ross Harricks Sell 27 November 6,149,874 $1,229,975 On market
WKT Walkabout Resources Michael Elliot Buy 27 November 1,000,000 $230,000 On market
PBH PointsBet Brett Baton Buy 28 November 1,024,890 $3,279,648 Rights Issue
AMA AMA Group Anthony Day Buy 27 November 200,000 $235,278 On market
WGN Wagners Denis Wagner Buy 22 November 14,201,056 $22,011,637 Rights Issue
AQZ Alliance Aviation Stephen Padgett Sell 25 November 250,000 $637,500 On market
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