In the past fortnight there were nearly four dozen directors on the ASX who bought or sold shares in trades above $100,000.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
ODY Odyssey Gold Levi Mochkin Buy 18 August 2,000,000 $188,158 On market
MBH Maggie Beer Hugh Robertson Buy 20 August 278,871 $123,087 On market
TGR Tassal Group James Fazzino Buy 19 August 70,345 $247,614 On market
SFC Schaffer Corporation David Schwartz Buy 23 August 9,500 $204,229 On market
ARV Artemis Resources Alistair Clayton Buy 23 August 2,000,000 $126,000 On market
SLR Silver Lake Resourcrs Luke Tonkin Sell 20 August 580,000 $754,580 On market
TTB Total Brain David Daglio Buy 19 August 1,453,349 $377,871 Rights Issue
TTB Total Brain David Torrible Buy 19 August 1,315,528 $342,037 Rights Issue
SDF Steadfast Group Robert Kelly Sell 23 August 285,000 $1,428,300 On market
XRO Xero Rod Drury Sell 24 August 2,000,000 $300,000,000 Off market
BRG Breville Steven Fisher Sell 24 August 60,000 $1,935,684 On market
MSV Mitchell Services Nathan Mitchell Buy 25 Aug 4,601,521 $1,932,639 Rights Issue
MSV Mitchell Services Scott Tumbridge Buy 25 August 1,794,259 $753,589 Rights Issue
SVW Seven Group Holdings Terry Davis Buy 26 August 7,936 $173,866 On market
OKR Okapi Resources David Nour Buy 25 August 1,000,000 $200,000 Placement
CTM Corporate Travel Management Jamie Pherous Sell 26 August 1,740,000 $39,150,000 On market
NMT Neometals David Reed Sell 25 August 2,000,000 $1,507,816 On market
ADH Adairs Brett Chenoweth Buy 26 August 66,312 $250,271 On market
DDR Dicker Data David Dicker Sell 27 August 2,740,000 $42,196,000 On market
APX Appen Richard Freudenstein Buy 27 August 30,000 $313,941 On market
GME GME Resources Peter Sullivan Buy 13 August 2,411,198 $108,504 Rights Issue
GME GME Resources Peter Huston Buy 13 August 3,171,285 $142,708 Rights Issue
HUM Humm Andrew Abercrombie Buy 25 August 200,353 $192,997 On market
SVY Stavely Minerals Robert Dennis Buy 30 August 444,444 $192,684 On market
LGL Lynch Group Patrick Elliot Buy 27 August 65,500 $246,630 On market
BCB Bowen Coking Coal Blair Sergeant Buy 30 August 1,819,584 $121,912 Rights Issue
BCB Bowen Coking Coal Matthew Latimore Buy 30 August 13,201,729 $884,516 Rights Issue
DDR Dicker Data Vladimir Mitnovetski Buy 30 August 17,788 $128,000 On market
ZEO Zeotech Peter Zardo Sell 26 August 30,500,000 $2,745,000 Off market
AMX Aerometrex Mark Lindh Buy 30 August 128,206 $100,000 On market
FXR Flexiroam Tat Seng Koh Buy 31 August 3,750,000 $150,000 Off market
JIN Jumbo Interactive Susan Forrester Buy 31 August 9,000 $141,142 On market
SEK Seek Ian Narev Sell 25 August 16,000 $503,840 On market
JRV Jervois Global Peter Johnston Buy 1 September 850,000 $374,000 Rights Issue
PBH PointsBet Brett Paton Buy 31 August 218,177 $1,745,416 Rights Issue
DSK Dusk Group Peter King Sell 30 August 114,941 $350,629 On market
PTB PTB Group Craig Baker Sell 1 September 150,000 $126,750 On market
MYX Mayne Pharma Frank Condella Buy 1 September 412,121 $136,680 On market
TSI Top Shelf Adem Karafili Buy 31 August 106,900 $199,304 On market
RBL Redbubble Martin Hosking Sell 1 September 5,000,000 $21,000,000 On market
DDR Dicker Data Fiona Brown Buy 1 September 8465 $121,520 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
VEA Viva Energy Scott Wyatt Buy 31 August 455,000 $955,654 On market
HT8 Harris Technology Garrison Huang Buy 30 August 1,160,619 $132,668 On market
ABY Adore Beauty Justin Ryan Buy 1 September 39,000 $190,873 On market
ARR American Rare Earths Denis Geldard Buy 2 September 1,000,000 $182,000 On market
RAC Race Oncology John Cullity Sell 2 September 61,745 $192,799 On market
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The most notable big trades from ASX company directors

The most notable big trade from an ASX company director came from Dicker Data (ASX:DDR) boss David Dicker who sold over $42 million in shares earlier this week.

While many sell to pay a tax bill or exercise options, Dicker was very specific about what he’d be spending the money on:

  • Capital expenditure for his latest venture – a sports-car manufacturer
  • A purchase of a Bombardier private bet
  • Trading in the US equity markets

There were two other trades from Dicker directors: Vladimir Mitnovetski who bought $128,000 on market and Fiona Brown who bought $121,520 as part of a dividend reinvestment plan.

The biggest trade came from Xero (ASX:XRO) founder Rod Drury who sold $300 million in a block trade.

Corporate Travel Management (ASX:CTD) managing director Jamie Pherous sold just over $39 million in an on-market trade.

Martin Hosking from Redbubble (ASX:RBL) sold $21 million in an off-market trade – a sale the company said was to “meet financial commitments”.

And Peter Zardo from mineral processor Zeotech (ASX:ZEO) sold just over $2 million in shares in an off-market trade to existing shareholders.

There were a handful of slightly smaller sales which were conducted to fund the exercise of options or a tax bill. One was former CBA boss Ian Narev who parted with $503,840 in shares of Seek (ASX:SEK).

Another was John Cullity of Race Oncology (ASX:RAC) who sold just over $190,000.


Biggest buyers

The biggest buyer was Nathan Mitchell of drilling services firm Mitchell Services (ASX:MSV) who bought nearly $2 million in a rights issue. Scott Tumbridge chipped in too, purchasing $753,589.

No less than three other ASX companies also had multiple directors chipping in with big trades.

GME Resources (ASX:GME) directors Peter Sullivan and Peter Huston bought $108,504 and $142,708 in a rights issue. For the record this GME is the microcap explorer, not the US videogame outlet that became one of the first meme stocks at the start of this year.

Bowen Coking Coal (ASX:BCB) directors Blair Sergeant and Matthew Latimore bought $121,912 and $884,516 respectively in a rights issue.

And Total Brain (ASX:TTB) saw David Daglio buy $377,871 and David Torrible buy $342,037.

PointsBet (ASX:PBH) director Brett Paton bought over $1.7 million in his firm’s latest capital raising.

In a similar thematic, Susan Forrester from lotteries business Jumbo Interactive (ASX:JIN) bought just over $140,000 in an on-market trade.

Private equity investor Justin Ryan bought $190,000 in shares of fashion retailer Adore Beauty (ASX:ABY) which he is chairman of.

Other big trades among ASX directors included Lynch Group’s (ASX:LGL) Patrick Elliot who bought $246,630 and Humm’s (ASX:HUM) Andrew Abercrombie who bought $192,997.