Just under two years since Otto Buttula became chairman of Rhythm Biosciences (ASX:RHY), it has gained over 500% since – and the boss of the high flying biotech just chipped more in.

Buttula, who in the past has headed financial services firms IWL and Investors Mutual, became chairman of Rhythm in late October 2019 at a time when it was uncertain if the company was going anywhere.

He was an investor prior to that, owning 1.5 million shares at the time he stepped into the hot seat. Back then, the share price was 15 cents; it’s now over $1.

Since he joined the company the pace has picked up as the company validated its technology, obtained patents, recruited for its major clinical trial and made the first steps to secure regulatory approval in Australia and Europe.

Buttula bought $1.5 million in shares last September as part of a capital raising and a year on, Rhythm raised another $5.58 million and he bought another $582,251.

Three of his colleagues also chipped in smaller amounts – Lou Panaccio bought $17,000, Eduardo Vom bought $75,494 and Trevor Lockett bought $3,400.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
ATX Amplia Therapeutics Jane Bell Buy 2 September 593,914 $122,324 On market
VN8 Vonex Jason Gomersall Buy 3 September 3,396,852 $373,654 Placement
OML Omni Bridgeway Hugh McLernon Sell 2 September 225,000 $956,250 On market
HT8 Harris Technology Garrison Huang Buy 6 September 839,381 $102,394 On market
DGH Desane Group Felice Montrone Buy 2 September 115,000 $139,950 On market
TWD Tamawood Lev Mizikovsky Buy 6 September 274,250 $1,022,953 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
EDV Endeavour Group Peter Hearl Buy 2 September 75,000 $519,690 On market
ASG Autosports Group James & Nick Pagent Buy 31 August 64,000 $149,678 On market
CAN Cann Group Allan McCallum Buy 7 September 545,455 $150,000 Placement
CAN Cann Group Philip Jacobsen Buy 7 September 2,727,273 $750,000 Placement
CAN Cann Group Doug Rathbone Buy 7 September 363,637 $100,000 Placement
CTD Corporate Travel Management Laura Ziolkowski Sell 2 Sep 33,329 $759,901 On market
DCG Decmil Group Andries Dique Buy 6 September 1,125,000 $450,000 Placement
DCG Decmil Group Peter Thomas Buy 6 September 500,000 $200,000 Placement
LCL Los Cerros Ross Ashton Buy 8 September 1,000,000 $160,000 Placement
CTT Cettire Bruce Rathie Sell 2 September 200,000 $510,000 On market
UNI Universal Store David MacLean Sell 7 September 250,000 $1,821,989 On market
ASX ASX Dominic Stevens Sell 7 September 10,988 $944,968 On market
MND Monadelphous Dietmar Voss Buy 9 September 39,720 $395,611 On market
RHY Rhythm Biosciences Otto Buttula Buy 9 September 1,370,003 $582,251 Rights Issue
COH Cochelar Diggory Howitt Sell 7 September 8,991 $2,132,935 On market
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The biggest buy was from Lev Mizikovsky in home builder Tamawood (ASX:TWD)who bought just over $1 million as part of a Dividend Reinvestment Plan.

Peter Hearl from Endeavour (ASX:EDV), which was recently spun out from Woolworths (ASX:WOW), bought just over $500,000 on market.

Cann Group (ASX:CAN), which is one of the companies trying to get a CBD product to pharmacy shelves, also completed a capital raising and five directors chipped in. Three parcels were $100,000 or more.

Allan McCallum bought $150,000, Doug Rathbone bought $100,000 and Philip Jacobsen bought $750,000.

Jason Gomersall, from telco Vonex (ASX:VN8), bought $373,654 in a placement.



Speaking of high flyers like Rhythm, another two are fashion outlets Cettire (ASX:CTT) which has grown from 50 cents a share to $3.35 in just under a year since listing and Universal (ASX:UNI) which has grown from $3.80 per share to $7.51.

Yet Cettire’s Bruce Rathie sold just over $500,000 in shares on market while David Maclean from Universal sold just over $1.8 million..

Cochlear (ASX:COH) director Diggory Howitt sold just over $2 million in shares just four days after exercising options to obtain them.

CEO of the ASX (ASX:ASX) Dominic Stevens parted ways with $944,968 in shares.

According to the Appendix 3Y, those shares were allocated as part of a “STVR Deferred Equity Plan” in 2017 and 2019 and the restrictions on selling were recently removed.