The biggest director trade on the ASX in the past fortnight came from one of Australia’s most famous pub barons – Bruce Mathieson of Endeavour Group (ASX:EDV).

Mathieson is 63rd on the Top 200 rich list with a net worth of $1.54 billion. Endeavour is a spin-off from Woolworths (ASX:WOW) – including retail brands BWS and Dan Murphys as well as delivery service Jimmy Bring’s – and a pub portfolio that consists of 30% of pubs across Australia.

He’s been in business since 1974 but partnered with Woolworths since 2000.

Woolworths formed a joint venture in Queensland called MGW Hotels. In 2004 the entity bought ALH Group just a year after it listed on the ASX and changed its name to ALH.

Over the next 15 years the group extended its ownership to 330 venues until in 2019 a deal was sealed to merge the alcohol retailers of Woolworths and ALH.

Mathieson bought $54.6m of shares earlier this month in a deal that took him to owning 15% of the company.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
NXT NextDC Craog Scroggie Sell 24 September 1,600,000 $21,696,000 On market
IEL IDP Education Andrew Barkla Sell 7 September 150,000 $4,888,397 On market
HWH Houston We Have Steve Formica Buy 8 September 1,333,332 $199,974 On markt
NST Northern Star Resources Stuart Tonkin Buy 8 September 50,000 $468,630 On market
BRB Breaker Resources Michael Kitney Sell 8 September 700,000 $140,000 Off market
FMG Fortescue Elizabeth Gaines Sell 8 & 21 September 753,773 $11,441,370 On market
LTR Liontown Resources Steven Chadwick Sell 9 September 2,000,000 $2,241,000 On market
AS1 Angel Seafood Michael Porter Sell 10 September 3,000,000 $150,000 On market
LME Limeade Deven Billimoria Buy 14 September 155,505 $122,117 On market
LIC Lifestyle Communities James Kelly Sell 14 September 2,000,000 $43,000,000 On market
VEE Veem John and Mark Miocevich Sell 15 September 11,864,407 $14,000,000 Off market
CPO Culpeo Minerals Geoffrey McNamara Buy 13 September 500,711 $110,156 On market
GMG Goodman Group Gregory Goodman Sell 16 Sep 1,450,000 $33,205,000 On market
CVV Caravel Minerals Stephen Abbott Sell 20 September 300,000 $134,579 On market
RHI Red Hill Iron Joshua Pitt Buy 20 September 60,000 $241,063 On market
RHI Red Hill Iron Joshua Pitt Sell 20 September 1,000,000 $2,000,000 Off market
RHI Red Hill Iron Mark Okeby Buy 20 September 1,000,000 $2,000,000 Off market
EDV Endeavour Bruce Mathieson Buy 17 September 8,415,397 $54,614,356 On market
SHL Sonic Healthcare Christopher Wilks Sell 17 September 120,000 $5,058,000 On market
SHL Sonic Healthcare Colin Goldschmidt Sell 17 September 200,000 $8,436,480 On market
CAT Catapult Group Thomas Bogan Buy 20 September 525,825 $730,923 Placement
CAT Catapult Group Michelle Guthrie Buy 20 September 420,660 $799,254 Placement
NHF NIB Mark Fitzgibbon Sell 14 September 34,850 $230,664 Off market
SUL Super Retail Anthony Heraghty Sell 16 September 19,034 $232,215 On market
UNI Universal Store Alice Barbery Sell 22 September 68,027 $497,248 On market
FNX Fenix Resources Robert Brierley Buy 22 September 6,000,000 $1,267,650 On market
TIP Teaminvest Howard Coleman Buy 21 September 950,000 $560,500 Off market
CLB Candy Club Chi Kan Tang Buy 20 September 1,562,465 $218,745 On market
HCH Hot Chili Murray Black Buy 20 September 93,750,000 $3,000,000 Placement
BRG Breville James Clayton Sell 17 September 79,567 $2,411,908 On market
OVN Oventus Medical Melvyn Bridges Buy 22 September 1,300,000 $144,772 On market
KMD Kathmandu Phillip Bowman Buy 22 September 200,000 $289,000 On market
OCC Orthocell Stewart Washer Sell 23 September 417,547 $199,871 On market
OCC Orthocell Paul Andersell Sell 23 September 1,153,071 $551,952 On market
BNR Bulletin Resources Robert Martin Buy 21 September 15,538,236 $699,221 Rights Issue
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Other buyers

The next biggest buyer was Murray Black from Hot Chili (ASX:HCH) who bought $3 million in a placement.

Mark Okeby from Red Hill Iron (ASX:RHI) bought $2 million in share in an off market trade from his colleague Joshua Pitt.

Still with iron ore, Robert Brierley of Fenix Resoures (ASX:FNX) was another big buyer, purchasing over $1.26 million on market.

Buying in together were Michelle Guthrie and Thomas Bogan from wearables tech company Catapult Group (ASX:CAT) who bought over $700,000 each.

Yes, the same Michelle Guthrie who was managing director of the ABC. She’s been on the board since late 2019 and also is a board member of BNK Bank (ASX:BBC) and game developer Mighty Kingdom (ASX:MKL).

Stuart Tonkin of Northern Star Resources (ASX:NST) bought $468,830 on market while Robert Martin from Bulletin Resources (ASX:BNR) bought nearly $700,000 in a rights issue.



There were several big sales this week. The biggest was made by James Kelly of Lifestyle Communities (ASX:LIC) who sold $43 million on market.

Kelly said the sale was to rebalance his portfolio and assist with liquidity in the market.

Several other sales came after exercising performance rights or options.

Topping the lot was Gregory Goodman, the co-founder of industrial building owner Goodman Group (ASX:GMG), who sold just over $33 million.

Craig Scroggie, the boss of data centres operator NextDC (ASX:NXT), sold $21.7 million to pay a tax bill and bank bridging loans.

Christopher Wilks and Colin Goldschmidt from pathology stock Sonic Healthcare (ASX:SHL) sold over $5 million and $8.4 million respectively.

James Clayton from Breville (ASX:BRG) sold $2.4 million in a transaction shareholders were told was undertaken to pay a tax bill and facilitate a property purchase.

Alice Barbery of casual fashion outlet Universal Store (ASX:UNI) parted with nearly $500,000 to “rebalance her portfolio”.

And Liontown (ASX:LTR) director Stephen Chadwick sold over $2 million in shares, although one other reason he listed was to take up shares in Minerals 260 – a spin off of Liontown’s gold, nickel and copper assets.