Last week it was former Hawthorn president Andrew Newbold who took a big leap of faith in his firm; this week it was former AFL commissioner Mike Fitzpatrick.

He is on the board of Carnegie Clean Energy (ASX:CCE), which was finally recapitalised and reinstated to the ASX last week. He bought just over $500,000 in the rights issue that helped the company relist.

Additionally, just over $2m in debt that was owed to him by the company was converted to equity. His colleague Grant Mooney had lent the company money as well and his debt was likewise transformed to shares.

The company hit a brick wall in March when the WA government tore up its contract with Carnegie to build a wave energy plant in Albany. The government was concerned it couldn’t complete the project. Since then Carnegie has gone digital with its technology and was reinstated last week.

Among other big buyers this week was Gavin Argyle from HotCopper (ASX:HOT) who bought $364,000 in the company’s rights issue.

The online stock forum is raising money to snap up a Canadian rival. The $C20m ($22m) move comes in light of headwinds in the online stocks chat market.

Clive Finkelstein of RPM Automotive (ASX:RPM) bought just over $3m worth of company shares, Empire Resources’ (ASX:ERL) Michael Ruane bought $100,050 and Neometals’ (ASX:NMT) David Reed bought $617,689.

Four Cogstate (ASX:CGS) directors – Richard van de Broek, Bradley O’Connor, Martin Myer and David Dolby – also picked up more shares in their company. They dropped nearly $1.6m between them on a rights issue.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
IDX Integral Diagnostics Chien Ho Sell 24 October 50,000 $169,000 On market
CCE Carnegie Clean Energy Michael Fitzpatrick Buy 24 October 1,361,461,436 $501,461 Rights Issue
SLR Silver Lake Resources Luke Tonkin Sell 28 October 420,000 $439,320 On market
SVY Stavely Minerals Jennifer Murphy Sell 24-28 Oct 400,000 $509,334 On market
NMT Neometals David Reed Buy 23-29 Oct 3,000,000 $617,689 On market
RPM RPM Automotive Group Clive Finkelstein Buy 24 October 12,467,968 $3,116,992 On market
VLW Villaworld Clive Treasure Sell 30 October 2,297,446 $4,675,303 Takeover
VLW Villaworld David Rennick Sell 30 October 55,155 $110,205 Takeover
VLW Villaworld Mark Odgers-Jewell Sell 30 October 107,127 $218,003 Takeover
CGS Cogstate Richard van den Broek Buy 30 October 373,500 $100,845 Rights Issue
CGS Cogstate Bradley O'Connor Buy 30 October 5,323,101 $130,658 Rights Issue
CGS Cogstate Martyn Myer Buy 30 October 1,925,530 $576,594 Rights Issue
CGS Cogstate David Dolby Buy 30 October 2,816,118 $760,352 Rights Issue
HOT HotCopper Gavin Argyle Buy 28 October 2,800,000 $364,000 Rights Issue
ERL Empire Resources Michael Ruane Buy 31 October 10,000,000 $100,050 On market
BEE Broo Kent Grogan Sell 30 October 10,000,00 $160,000 Off market
DCL DomaCom Matthew Roberts Buy 30 September 24,258,760 $1,800,000 Placement
FRX FlexiRoam Jefrey Ong Buy 31 October 12,282,286 $245,646 Rights Issue
RBL RedBubble Martin Hosking Sell 1 November 6,000,000 $11,580,000 Off market
GTG Genetic Technologies Peter Rubinstein Buy 28 October 200,849,309 $803,397 Rights Issue
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The sellers

Last week three directors of property developer Villaworld (ASX:VLW) – Clive Treasure, David Rennick and Mark Odgers-Jewell – sold their shares as Avid Property Group continued with its gradual snapping up of the firm’s shares.

Stavely Minerals (ASX:SVY) director Jennifer Murphy sold just over $500,000 in shares.

The base metals explorer, which a few weeks back made a 40 per cent copper hit, said the sale was made for personal reasons and that Murphy had no intention of selling shares in the near future.

The biggest seller this week was Redbubble’s (ASX:RBL) Martin Hosking who parted with over $11.5m in shares. Hosking co-founded the company in 2006 and retired as CEO in 2018.

Redbubble chair Richard Cawsey said,”it is great that he can realise a portion of the value he has helped create,” but commented that Hosking was still committed to the business via his remaining 19.6 per cent ownership.