The sellers were out in force last week, but the key players were cashing in after a truly meteoric rise.

We’re talking about Phoslock (ASX:PET), a waterways cleaning company that popped in 2017 and really popped after announcing a maiden profit in early 2018.

Then from May the stock has rocketed again, rising 82 per cent after it won a cleaning contract for a lake two-thirds the size of Sydney Harbour and after China’s water ministry recognised its technology.

Phoslock is a material that attacks phosphate. When phosphate is present in water it is easier for quality and odour issues to be present, including algae.

Three directors, including boss Robert Schuitema, sold up to take advantage of the epic share price, which closed at 75c on Friday.

Schuitema exercised some options, bought on market, and sold and ended up being up $675,559 after the exercise.

It is common knowledge that air quality is a significant problem in China, but water quality is just as concerning, especially in regional areas.

Surveys conducted last year, by Chinese environmental officials, found 29 per cent of water samples were unsuitable for drinking and fishing and phosphorus was one of the major pollutants.

Four of TerraCom Resources’ (ASX:TER) seven directors bought into a cap raise last week, and three of those were noteworthy (ie, above $100,000).

It wasn’t clear which company non-executive director Paul Anderson was buying for but he ‘made’ the biggest buy in, on behalf of one of the two other investment vehicles he runs: Bonython Coal No 1 or the Singleton No. 5 Investment Trust.

Zelda (ASX:ZLD) director Mara Gordon sold off stock “to meet personal commitments” after the board promised not to sell stock unless to strategic investors in November last year.

Luckily, a couple of strategic investors were found: serial pot investor Merchant Funds and an unnamed “entity” which farmed the remaining shares out to individual investors.

Gordon needed the cash to settle some convertible notes.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What Total holdings controlled
APN APN Property Group Christopher Aylward Buy June 6 250,000 110000 On market 80.3M
DEM De.Mem Bernd Dautel Buy June 9 800,000 100000 Off market 800,000
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Ningping Ma Sell June 7 500,000 381564 On market 4.8M
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Zhigang Zhang Sell June 7 3M 2288124 On market 33.7M
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Robert Schuitema Buy June 6 3.3M ? Exercise options 14.4M
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Robert Schuitema Sell June 6 1.7M $675,559 On market 12.7M
ZLD Zelda Mara Gordon Sell June 5-6 35.5m 1498000 Off market 44.1M
MWY Midway Anthony Bennett Sell June 3-6 40,000 139712 On market 2.8M
LTR Liontown Resources Steven Chadwick Buy June 11 3.5M 122500 Exercise options 3.5M
A1M AIC Mines Aaron Colleran Buy June 7 2M 640000 On market 2M
SKF Skyfii Jon Adgemis Buy June 6 24.8M 4962010 Off market 58M
SKF Skyfii Jon Adgemis Sell June 6 12.5M 2062500 Off market 33.3M
CZI Cassius Mining James Arkoudis Buy June 7 2.7M 122000 Off market 11.2M
PG1 Pearl Global Gary Foster Buy June 12 1M 100000 Capital raising 19.7M
TER Terracom Wallace King Buy June 5 194,158 139611 Capital raising 1.5M
TER Terracom Matthew Hunter Buy June 5 207,693 120461 Capital raising 1.6M
TER Terracom Paul Anderson Buy June 5 23.2M 13484161 Capital raising 79.2M
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