The past fortnight saw ~$62.79m in big director sales and a more modest ~$20.5m in buys but the biggest buy of the week came from a relatively new gold producer.

Emerald Resources (ASX:EMR) director Ross Stanley bought just over $1 million on-market only six months after his company’s first pour.

Emerald tips production of 100,000-110,000oz of gold per annum from its Okvau project in Cambodia.

It has a low all-in-sustaining-cost of US$754/oz and is expected to generate net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR) of US$238m and 57 per cent respectively, using a conservative per unit gold price of US$1,450/oz.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
BSA BSA Brendan York Buy 3 December 647,665 $184,585 On market
DDR Dicker Data Fiona Brown Buy 1 December 8,186 $122,281 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
PKD Parkd Bronte Howson Buy 3 December 2,000,000 $100,000 Off market
PDZ Prairie Mining Ian Middlemas Buy 6 December 1,060,000 $212,000 Rights Issue
LYC Lynas Amanda Lacaze Sell 2 December 200,000 $1,830,000 On market
BKG Booktopia Tony Nash Sell 6 December 3,500,000 $6,125,000 On market
PGH Pact Group Raphael Geminder Buy 1 December 4,780,081 $12,428,211 On market
360 Life360 James Synge Buy 7 December 50,000 $522,753 On market
NHC New Hope Corp Robert & Thomas Millner Buy 8 December 200,000 $411,845 On market
ERL Empire Resources Michael Ruane Buy 7 December 60,709,083 $485,673 Rights Issue
ORA Ora Gold Philip Crabb Buy 3 December 13,721,259 $137,213 Rights Issue
MBK Metal Bank Ines Scotland Buy 8 December 38,321,333 $306,571 Rights Issue
MBK Metal Bank Sue-Ann Higgins Buy 8 December 58,237,392 $465,899 Rights Issue
CBR Carbon Revolution Jake Dingle Sell 6 December 410,000 $431,017 On market
ONE Oneview Healthcare Michael Kaminski Sell 6 December 1,108,493 $275,227 On market
ONE Oneview Healthcare Joseph Rooney Sell 6 December 619,830 $148,949 On market
ONE Oneview Healthcare Lyle Berkowitz Sell 8 December 551,277 $137,793 On market
MP1 Megaport Jay Andelson Sell 8 December 10,000 $207,586 On market
LEG Legend Mining Mark Wilson Buy 9 December 5,000,000 $253,587 On market
AFG Australian Finance Group Anthony Gill Buy 9 December 90,000 $253,890 On market
BLX Beacon Minerals Graham McGarry Buy 6 December 32,607,544 $997,791 On market
HMC Home Consortium Isaac Fried Sell 6 December 3,000,000 $21,750,000 On market
NIC Nickel Mines Xu Yuanyuan Sell 10 December 24,000,000 $16,020,000 Off market
PDN Paladin Energy Cliff Lawrenson Sell 9 December 1,400,000 $1,145,900 On market
HYM Hyperion Metals Todd Hannigan Buy 13 December 346,841 $312,495 On market
EMR Emerald Resources Ross Stanley Buy 10 December 1,000,000 $1,075,020 On market
PGL Propsa Aviad Eyal Buy 8 December 125,000 $100,000 On market
RMY RMA Global David Williams Buy 13 December 552,054 $110,163 On market
MSL MSL Solutions Earl Eddings Sell 10 December 500,000 $133,812 On market
MP1 Megaport Naomi Seddon Sell 10 December 26,000 $185,152 On market
CBO Cobram Estate Olives Samuel Beaton Sell 9 December 2,000,000 $4,000,000 Sell down
CBO Cobram Estate Olives Leandro Ravetti Sell 9 December 3,000,000 $6,000,000 Sell down
CBO Cobram Estate Olives Paul Riordan Sell 9 December 1,000,000 $2,000,000 Sell down
CBO Cobram Estate Olives Tim Jonas Sell 9 December 1,749,612 $3,499,224 Sell down
HXA Hexima Steven Skala Buy 10 December 312,500 $100,000 Placement
CBO Cobram Estate Olives Craig Ball Buy 14 December 294,501 $451,686 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
GBM GBM Resources Peter Mullens Buy 14 December 1,000,000 $100,000 Capital raising
CXX Cradle Resources Grant Davey Buy 15 December 16825000 $673,000 Off market
NHC New Hope Corp Robert and Thomas Millner Buy 16 December 120,000 $250,674 On market
ALC Alcidion Group Kate Quirke Buy 15 December 1,000,000 $250,000 Rights Issue
SCP SCA Property Group Mark Fleming Sell 16 December 80,040 $245,723 On market
SCP SCA Property Group Anthony Mellowes Sell 15 December 167,753 $486,484 On market
TTI Traffic Technologies Con Liosatos Buy 10 December 8,105,714 $243,171 Rights Issue
GLN Galan Lithium Juan Pablo Vargas de la Vega Sell 17 December 1,000,000 $1,874,460 On market
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Other buyers

The next biggest buy also came from a director of a gold company – in Beacon Minerals’ (ASX:BCN) Graham McGarry who bought just under $1 million on market.

This company is also in the production phase having produced 5,338 ounces in October and November at its Jaurdi project – ahead of the company’s expectations for the quarter.

Among gold explorers, buyers included Ines Scotland and Sue-Ann Higgins from Metal Bank (ASX:MBK) as well as Philip Crabb from Ora Gold (ASX:OAU) who all chipped into their firms’ rights issues.

Two other buys came from the ASX’s handful of companies focused on the automotive technology sector.

One came from Traffic Technologies (ASX: TTI) director Con Liosatos who purchased ~$243,000 on market.

Last week his company signed a contract of up to approximately $10 million with Procurement Australia for the supply of its smart city products to Victorian local councils.

Also, Bronte Howson from car park builder Park’d (ASX:PKD) bought $100,000 in an off market transaction.

‘Non-traffic’ tech buyers included Fiona Brown from Dicker Data (ASX:DDR) who bought $122,281 in a Dividend Reinvestment Plan and David Williams from prop tech stock RMA Group (ASX:RMY) who bought $110,163 on market.

Kate Quirke, the boss of medtech and defence tech company Alcidion (ASX:ALC), bought $250,000 in her firms’ rights issue.



Olive oil company Cobram Estate Olives (ASX:CBO) completed a capital raising which involved a $15.5m sell down from four directors – Samuel Beaton, Leandro Ravetti, Paul Riordan and Tim Jonas.

But on the other hand, their colleague Craig Ball purchased $451,686 as part of a Dividend Reinvestment Plan.

Shopping centre operator SCA Property Group (ASX:SCA) had two directors sell to pay a tax bill – Mark Fleming sold $245,723 and Anthony Mellowes sold $486,484.

Still with property stocks, the biggest sale came from Issac Fried of Home Consortium (ASX:HMC) who parted ways with over $21 million.

Booktopia (ASX:BKG) founder Tony Nash sold over $6 million in shares in an off market transaction to an institutional investor – which apparently would otherwise have been unable to buy in.