It was the third week in a row global stock markets kept falling — and ASX small cap directors kept buying.

Among large caps, the most prominent was Fortescue (ASX:FMG) boss Andrew Forrest who bought $35m early last week. But among small caps there was over 20 directors that made buys over $100,000.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
MNF MNF Group David Stewart Buy 6 March 50,000 $185,500 On market
PSI PSC Insurance Group Brian Austin Buy 6 March 47,300 $135,856 On market
EAX Energy Action Murray Bleach Buy 6 March 2,000,000 $400,000 On market
PPE People Infrastructure Declan Sherman Sell 5 March 1,000,000 $3,200,000 On market
AV1 Adveritas Mark McConnell Buy 9 March 1,063,360 $155,778 On market
TTT Titomic Jeffrey Lang Sell 9 March 750,000 $600,000 Off market
TTT Titomic Philip Vafiadis Sell 9 March 200,000 $165,062.50 Off market
CGS Cogstate Brad O'Connor Sell 10 March 550,000 $229,730 On market
SSG Shaver Shop Craig Mathieson Buy 6 March 160,000 $100,000 On market
EM2 Eagle Mountain Mining Charles Bass Buy 9 March 5,000,000 $750,000 Placement
RAC Race Oncology William Garner Sell 6 March 4,000,000 $1,194,000 Off market
ACF Acrow Formwork & Construction Peter Lancken Buy 10 March 333,334 $100,000 Off market
MYX Mayne Pharma Bruce Mathieson Buy 11 March 3,112,726 $982,336 On market
ANO Advance Nanotek Geoff Acton Sell 9 March 214,000 $1,284,000 Off market
ANO Advance Nanotek Lev Mizikovsky Buy 10 March 324,889 $1,793,130 On market
SIQ Smartgroup Timothy Looi Buy 9 March 35,000 $209,180 On market
ALC Alcidion Group Katrina Doyle Buy 11 March 1,000,000 $137,500 On market
ADH Adairs Michael Butler Buy 11 March 120,000 $201,242 On market
MME MoneyMe Scott Emery Buy 12 March 170,000 $198,165 On market
AVA AVA Risk Group Michael McGeever Buy 12 March 1,000,000 $117,000 On market
PSI PSC Insurance Group Anthony Robinson Buy 12 March 40,000 $100,000 On market
PSI PSC Insurance Group Paul Dwyer Buy 12 March 160,000 $400,000 On market
MMA MMA Offshore Peter Keenan Buy 12 March 5,000,000 $472,903 On market
AX1 Accent Group Daniel Agostinelli Buy 12 March 100,000 $117,539 On market
IFM Infomedia Jonathan Rubinsztein Sell 13 March 2,429,776 $4,524,662.32 On market
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MoneyMe (ASX:MME) only listed late last year but was not spared from being sold off en masse, plunging over 40 per cent in a month.

But not everyone is selling — Scott Emery put in another $198,165.

Two directors buying were from retailers. Craig Mathieson bought $160,000 in Shaver Shop (ASX:SSG) stock, while Michael Butler bought $201,242 of linen seller Adairs (ASX:ADH).

Both Shaver Shop and Adairs last updated the market in late February, sticking with their guidance in spite of the COVID-19 crisis. Both companies have been expanding into the online space in recent months where the risk is significantly reduced for retailers and consumers.

The biggest buyer last week was a prominent identity among small caps — Lev Mizikovsky. He bought $1.79m worth of Advance Nanotek (ASX:ANO), which makes sunscreen.

While his company made a $1m profit in February, it is noticing US suppliers are not building up inventory in anticipation for summer. But Advance Nanotek says it expects demand to continue.

Katrina Doyle from health analytics firm Alcidion (ASX:ALC) bought $137,500 worth of stock in firm defiance of a market that has sent the stock down by half in a month.

One trio of directors that bought more shares was from insurance broker PSC Insurance Group (ASX:PSI). Brian Austin bought $135,856, while Anthony Robinson tipped in a further $100,000 and Paul Dwyer snapped up $400,000.

Rich lister and Citadel (ASX:CGL) founder Mark McConnell bought just over $150,000 worth of another tech stock he sits on the board of — Adveritas (ASX:AV1).



One seller was William Garner of Race Oncology (ASX:RAC). The company is trying to commercialise a drug called Bisantrene, which targets a rare type of leukaemia, and is undertaking clinical trials this year.

Garner sold just over $1m in shares, worth about 3.66 per cent of the company, directly to institutional investor Merchant Opportunities, which wanted in. While Race Oncology is off its all time highs, the company still sits five times higher than eight months ago.

Phillip Vafiadis and Jeffrey Lang from Titomic (ASX:TTT) also sold to an institutional investor. The pair offloaded nearly $800,000 worth of shares to the as yet unnamed investor.

But not all were selling to the instos. Declan Sherman sold $3.2m of People Infrastructure (ASX:PPE) shares owned by his family trust to “fund a recently acquired residential property”.

Infomedia’s (ASX:IFM) Jonathan Rubinsztein parted with $4.5m in shares to pay a tax bill.