Alloggio Group (ASX:ALO), didn’t have a positive debut on the ASX last week but that didn’t stop one director from buying more on market.

The holiday accommodation manager listed at 20 cents per share but fell as low as 15 cents on debut amidst fears over the Omicron variant.

However it is in stark contrast to this years’ other IPO in the “local holiday” space Camplify (ASX:CHL) which has more than doubled.

Just a couple of days after Alloggio’s debut, one of its directors John Murphy bought more shares on market – 1.15 million for $194,924.

This trade left him with a total of ~4.7 million shares, just under half of which are in escrow for the first couple of years of the company’s listed life.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
IMU Imugene Axel Hoos Sell 17 November 10,000,000 $565,000 On market
SKY Sky Metals Norman Seckold Buy 19 November 2,000,000 $170,000 On market
SEG Sports Entertainment Group Jodie Simm Sell 19 November 400,000 $100,000 Off market
DDR Dicker Data Vladimir Mitnovetski Sell 22 November 25,000 $367,250 On market
CLW Charter Hall Long WALE REIT David Harrison Sell 22 November 190,000 $919,600 On market
AND Andromeda Metals James Marsh Sell 22 November 730,000 $120,450 On market
SYA Sayona Mining Paul Crawford Sell 16 November 2,500,000 $400,000 On market
MHJ Michael Hill Robert Fyfe Buy 23 November 400,000 $508,000 On market
EM2 Eagle Mountain Mining Charles Bass Buy 23 November 1,538,462 $1,000,000 Placement
MTR Mont Royal Resources Michael O'Keeffe Buy 25 November 1,000,000 $200,000 Placement
NCM Newcrest Mining Sandeep Biswas Sell 22 November 54,401 $1,324,839 On market
MVP Medical Developments International Gordon Naylor Buy 26 November 62,000 $306,280 On market
TIE Tietto Minerals Caigen Wang Sell 22 November 3,000,000 $1,170,000 Off market
TIE Tietto Minerals Francis Harper Sell 22 November 1,000,000 $390,000 Off market
FGI Future Generation Geoff Wilson Buy 26 November 174,524 $245,042 Dividend Reinvestment Plan
MFG Magellan Financial Colette Garnsey Buy 23 November 28,710 $999,969 Share Purchase Plan
GES Genesis Minerals Tommy McKeith Buy 25 November 3,750,000 $225,000 Placement
AMS Atomos Stephen Stanley Buy 23 November 183,946 $210,729 On market
AMS Atomos Christopher Tait Buy 23 November 100,000 $118,196 On market
BKW Brickworks Lindsay Partridge Sell 24 November 25,000 $591,500 On market
ONT 1300Smiles Robert Jones Sell 1 December 37,521 $300,168 Takeover
SOM Somnomed Gaetano Russo Buy 29 November 217,000 $499,100 On market
COG COG financial Services Cameron McCullagh Buy 1 December 3,068,746 $4,142,807 Placement & off market
HMY Harmoney David Stevens Buy 29 November 73,200 $134,619 On market
NXL Nuix Sue Thomas Buy 1 December 67,000 $149,372 On market
ADH Adairs Trent Peterson Buy 30 November 135,000 $496,843 On market
LEP Lepidico Gary Johnson Sell 25 November 6,500,000 $302,901 On market
LOV Lovisa Victor Herrero Buy 1 December 49,800 $1,000,901 On market
ALO Alloggio Group John Murphy Buy 1 December 1,150,000 $194,925 On market
PPE People Infrastructure Declan Sherman Buy 2 December 1,500,000 $6,000,000 On market
VTG Vita Group Paul Mirabelle Buy 30 November 625,000 $250,000 On market
EXP Experience Co Anthony Boucaut Sell 2 December 10,000,000 $3,100,000 On market
MNY Money 3 Stuart Robertson Buy 2 December 33,500 $103,530 On market
GUD GUD Holdings John Pollaers Buy 2 December 9,050 $101,153 On market
GMG Goodman Group Greg Goodman Buy 2 December 300,000 $7,413,000 On market
GLN Galan Lithium Daniel Jimenez Sell 3 December 319,971 $527,910 On market
AFG Australian Finance Group Malcolm Watkins Sell 2 December 1,000,000 $2,630,000 Off market
GLN Galan Lithium Chris Chalwell Sell 3 December 659,020 $1,086,471 On market
VRC Volt Resources Asimwe Kabunga Buy 3 December 28,000,000 $700,000 Placement
VR1 Vection Gianmarco and Lorenzo Biagi Sell 30 November 15,000,000 $3,000,000 Off market
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Other buyers

Speaking of stocks going through tough times, another is Nuix (ASX:NXL) and it has hit the share price skids for the best part of 10 months, falling from nearly $12 in late January to little over $2 now.

Buying on market was Sue Thomas who bought $149,372 on market. She joined the company’s board just prior to listing but also is on the board of Temple & Webster (ASX:TPW) and was the founder of superannuation fund manager Flexiplan back in the 1990s which was snapped up by MLC before the end of that decade.

This week’s biggest buyer was Cameron McCullagh from COG Financial Services (ASX:COG) who chipped in over $4 million in a placement.

The one other seven-figure trade came from Eagle Mountain Mining’s (ASX:EM2) Charles Bass who bought $1 million in a placement in the US focused base and precious metals explorer.

Other resources sector trades included from Norman Seckold who bought $170,000 in Sky Metals (ASX:SKY), a NSW focused gold explorer.

Trent Peterson from homewares retailer Adairs (ASX:ADH) purchased just under $500,000 on market.

Colette Garnsey from financial services heavyweight Magellan Group (ASX:MFG) bought just under $1 million in a share purchase plan.



Last week dental franchise 1300Smiles (ASX:ONT) was formally acquired resulting in all directors parting ways with all their shares.

Robert Jones was the only one who revealed how many shares he parted with as part of a 3Y Appendix – 37,521 at $8 per share. The rest submitted a 3Z notice (a disclosure of directors’ interests as they resign) before selling.

Daryl Holmes was left with 3.7 million shares but he would have only reaped $6.33 per share because the founders’ shares were agreed at a separate price. Nonetheless he would’ve netted over $23 million on that share price.

Still with takeovers, one set to occur in the next few weeks is ALE Property Group (ASX:LEP) by a consortium of which Charter Hall Long WALE REIT (ASX:CLW) is a part of, along with HostPlus.

Yet, CLW director David Harrison sold just over $900,000 of shares on market.

Two directors from goldie Tietto Minerals (ASX:TIE) sold shares off market – Caigen Wang sold $1.17 million while Paul Kitto and Francis Harper sold $390,000 each all of which were to institutional investors.

For the second fortnight in a row Newcrest (ASX:NCM) boss Sandeep Biswas sold shares – this time $1.3 million – to pay a tax bill accumulated as a result of shares being issued to him under the Employee Share Scheme.

Lorenzo and Gianmarco Biagi, directors of one of the few ASX stocks in the “metaverse”, Vection (ASX:VR1), sold an aggregate 15 million in shares as part of a selldown to institutional investors.