Here’s our weekly look at which ASX small cap directors bought or sold their own stock:

Three small cap directors reported sales last week: Jumbo Interactive chief Mike Veverka, Terry Dodd at Sealink Travel and Envirosuite boss Robin Ormerod.

Jumbo runs lotteries and Mr Veverka must have felt like he’d won one after collecting a $1 million payday.

He exercised 150,000 options, paying $4 for each new share, and then sold 260,000 shares for $6.39.

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Mr Ormerod agreed to part with $350,000 of stock to two of his colleagues.

Envirosuite directors had a dabble last week after producing annual results that included a 72 per cent drop in revenue to $4.5 million and a wider loss.

Envirosuite last year sold a consulting division that made 80 per cent of its money to focus on environmental management software. They reckon they’re doing ok, hitting a $3 million recurring revenue target.

The stock surged in July to 10c as the company revealed a $10 million investment from institutional investors.

Mr Dodd’s latest sale was of 49,777 shares. It’s the fifth time he’s sold since 2016 (he’s bought once in that period) and it finally takes him out of the substantial shareholder register.

He has made a total of $2.9 million over the last two years.


The most active mining executive in director trades was back: Reward Mineral’s Michael Ruane spent $1.5 million in a rights issue.

Last week Mr Ruane told Stockhead there was no major reason behind his constant buying other than a belief that the potash play’s stock is cheap.

Printer equipment seller CSG’s Tom Cowan and Mark Baylis also sank a fair chunk of cash into a cap raise, spending $1.2 million and $210,227 respectively on an $18 million rights issue.

The raising was to recapitalise the company after falling printer sales led to a company-wide strategic review.

The company’s full year loss blew out by 65 per cent to $105 million and it has $62.5 in cash and debt available.

Matador Mining director Grant Davey was trading again. He lifted his stake in the company to 2.7 million. A few weeks ago he received a $9.5 million windfall at one of his other companies, Boss Resources, when he sold to institutional investors.

There were somer ten other large trades above $100,000 last week.

Among those, the only people to buy on market were Valmec’s Stephen Zurhaar, PolyNovo’s Bruce Rathie, Collection House’s Leigh Berkley and Thorney Opportunity fund boss Alex Waislitz.

Mr Waislitz owns 29 per cent of the listed fund after topping up last week.

Indago Energy’s Stephen Mitchell, Otto Energy’s John Jetter, and Bronwyn Barnes, chairperson of Indiana Resources, bought into capital raisings.

Ms Barnes fought off a disgruntled shareholder late last year to turn the company into a Mali-focused gold explorer this year.

The chairman of global water tech business Fluence, Richard Irving, and Jervois Mining director Stephen van der Sluys exercised options to bump up their shareholdings.

Administrative oversights

It being the final week of reporting season, we only picked up one “administative oversight” last week.

Copper Strike (ASX:CSE) offere “administrative oversight” as the reason for director Harry Hatch’s notice being lodged a month late.

“The company notes that the notice was not lodged within the requisite time frame due to an administrative oversight,” Copper Strike said in an ASX announcement. “The notice was prepared and lodged as soon as practicable once the company became aware of the oversight.”

Copper Strike’s only asset is a shareholding in Syrah Resources.

Here is a list of recent ASX small cap director trades:

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ASX code Company Director Change Date Volume $ Value Where Total holdings controlled
SRG SRG David Macgeorge Buy August 22 2.3m 0 Convert performance rights 3.6m
LEX Lefroy Exploration Gordon Galt Buy August 23 200,000 32000 Share placement 2.9m
LEX Lefroy Exploration Wade Johnson Buy August 23 350,000 56000 Share placement 6.7m
LEX Lefroy Exploration Geoffrey Pigott Buy August 23 250,000 40000 Share placement 2.9m
CL1 Class Christopher Cuffe Buy August 22 20,000 43883 On market 30,000
EML EML Payments Melanie Wilson Buy August 22 40,000 71960 On market 40,000
GTE Great Western Exploration Kevin Somes Buy August 20 and 21 5.1m 36184 On market 59.3m
IDA Indiana Resources Bronwyn Barnes Buy August 21 1.7m $105,121 Entitlement offer 4.4m
INK Indago Energy Stephen Mitchell Buy August 17 1.8m 133200 Rights issue 9.9m
MRL Mayur Resources Paul Mulder Buy August 24 8,505 5598 On market 50.3m
ORN Orion Minerals Denis Waddell Buy August 23 6.8m 250000 Approved by shareholders 109.7m
PGM Platina Resources John Anderson Buy August 24 104,340 11999 On market 104,340
PNV PolyNovo Bruce Rathie Buy August 24 318265 170812 On market 3.1m
RWD Reward Minerals Michael Ruane Buy August 24 8.3m $1.5m Rights issue 58.6m
SVS Sunvest Corporation Bruce Burrell Buy August 23 1333 359 On market 299,201
SXY Senex Energy Ralph Craven Buy August 22 34,000 15810 On market 355,000
SXY Senex Energy Trevor Bourne Buy August 22 50,000 22750 On market 502,619
TNG TNG Greg Durack Buy August 23 300,000 39042 On market 300,000
UBN Johan Strauss Buy August 26 1.61m 47978 On market 1.61m
TRM Truscott Mining Peter Smith Buy August 22 and 24 55,000 896 On market 31.7m
TOP Thorney Opportunities Alex Waislitz Buy August 20 231,596 $155,864 On market 59.3m
CYG Coventry Group Neil Cathie Buy August 27 18,865 25524 On market 256,823
EAR Echo Resources Simon Coxhell Buy August 22-24 137,931 20000 On market 217,931
EVS Envirosuite Robin Ormerod Sell August 28 4.8m 360000 Off market 46.5m
EVS Envirosuite David Johnstone Buy August 28 1.345m 100875 Off market 3.1m
EVS Envirosuite Adam Gallagher Buy August 28 250,000 18750 Off market 602,941
FGF First Growth Funds Annosh Manzoori Buy August 28 45m 0 Milestone shares 60m
GCS Global Construction Services Vincenzo Gullotti Buy August 27 1.35m 0 Convert performance rights 5.9m
MCP McPherson's Graham Cubbin Buy August 24 and 27 50,000 83041 On market 200,000
RAC Race Oncology Peter Molloy Buy August 27 45,000 6373 On market 4.165m
AGE Alligator Energy Gregory Hall Buy August 28 600,000 6021 On market 3.1m
CAI Calidus Resources David Reeves Buy August 28 2m 67061 On market 16.5m
CGS Cogstate Richard Mohs Buy August 24 25,000 18100 On market 55,000
CLH Collection House Anthony Rivas Buy August 28 3000 4400 On market 6690
CLH Collection House Leigh Berkley Buy August 28 67,500 101256 On market 71,200
DEV Devex Resources Richard Hacker Buy August 24 900,000 5400 On market 10m
DEV Devex Resources Tim Goyder Buy August 24-27 6.3m 37412 On market 269.3m
FLC Fluence Corp Richard Irving Buy August 27 1m 350000 Exercise options 37.3m
HGL HGL Julian Constable Buy August 28 8118 3409 On market 6.6m
MEA McGrath Andrew Robinson Buy August 23 52,631 19999 On market 52,631
MYE Mastermyne Group Julie Whitcombe Buy August 23 32,000 44000 On market 32,000
,ZZ Matador Mining Grant Davey Buy August 22-29 1.12m 303727 On and off market 2.7m
IME ImExHS Howard Digby Buy August 28 6m 25000 Fees and capital raising 7.6m
POS Poseidon Nickel Chris Indemaur Buy August 24 19.1m 0 Convert performance rights 24.2m
POS Poseidon Nickel David Singleton Buy August 24 3.7m 0 Convert performance rights 12.6m
SIL Smiles Inclusive David Herlihy Buy August 27 and 28 24,750 23160 On market 524,750
TPW Temple & Webster Conrad Yiu Buy August 27 50,841 49976 On market 6.1m
VMX Valmec Stephen Zurhaar Buy August 28 641,680 $173,026 On market 18.6m
XAM Xanadu Mines Andrew Stewart Buy August 27 137,000 19865 On market 4.3m
XAM Xanadu Mines Daryl Clark Buy August 23 200,000 25000 On market 1.9m
A3D Aurora Labs Mel Ashton Buy August 30 50,000 19581 On market 50,000
AD8 Audinate Group Alison Legder Buy August 29 1500 5849 On market 1500
AGI Ainsworth Game Technology Daniel Gladstone Buy August 30 30,000 34500 On market 82,868
AIR Astivita Lez Mizikovsky Buy August 29 26,731 1737 On market 37.7m
AXP AirXpanders Zita Peach Buy August 30 78,125 5859 Rights issue 151,458
CSV CSG Robin Low Buy August 27 95,238 20097 On market 252,338
CSV CSG Mark Bayliss Buy August 27 1.1m 210227 Rights issue 5.1m
CSV CSG Tom Cowan Buy August 27 6.5m $1.2m Rights issue 31.5m
JIN Jumbo Interactive Mike Veverka Buy August 24 150,000 600000 Exercise options 9.9m
JIN Jumbo Interactive Mike Veverka Sell August 29 260,000 $1.7m On market 9.7m
JRV Jervois Mining Stephen van der Sluys Buy August 29 2.5m 200000 Exercise options 4.6m
OEL Otto Energy John Jetter Buy August 29 2.2m 127481 Entitlement offer 21.6m
OEL Otto Energy Matthew Allen Buy August 29 766,667 45233 Entitlement offer 7.7m
OEL Otto Energy Ian Macliver Buy August 29 600,763 35445 Entitlement offer 6m
OEL Otto Energy Ian Boserio Buy August 29 230,397 $13,593 Entitlement offer 2.8m
OEL Otto Energy Paul Senycia Buy August 29 361,310 21317 Entitlement offer 3.6m
PNV PolyNovo David McQuillan Buy August 28 162,000 86860 On market 1.2m
PPC Peet Brendan Gore Buy August 30 288,589 0 Convert performance rights 3.5m
RAC Race Oncology William Garner Buy August 28 50,000 7184 On market 25.2m
CSE Copper Strike Harry Hatch Buy July 16 4590 918 On market 23.1m
EOL Energy One Shaun Ankers Buy August 31 100,000 0 Convert performance rights 692,500
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