Colorado-based podcaster and entrepreneur Nicholas Kullin, the founder of the Atlas Collective Experiences, is taking NFTs way beyond monkey avatar pictures.

His Audio Vault NFTs offer listeners trippy, immersive and hypnotic audio experiences.

“One of the things that I’m really looking forward to is how NFTs have really opened up a bridge to collaboration among content creators,” he says.

Kullin says he’s creating dopamine-inducing “flow state content” that can be consumed in bite-sized pieces.

“What it’s exciting about that is, that what NFTs provide is listener ownership, where people who are listening to the content, and with the NFTs that I develop, they would start rewarding those listeners and platforms a percentage of the royalties from the users who are listening.”

Kullin reserves some of his NFTs to airdrop his listeners, he says.

These kinds of NFTs could be used by media outlets to really change the level of engagement with their readers, Kullin says.

Media companies typically measure engagement by clicks or time spent on an article.

“Rewarding people to slow down … for certain media companies and content providers to acknowledge that their time, even absorbing the content is valuable, I believe is going to finally give them a good exchange of time, value and content to both the providers and distribution networks and the consumers.”

Listen to Kullin’s interview with this author using the Spotify embed below – and, if you’re so inclined, check out one of the NFTs of the interview on Opensea here.