While Bitcoin’s price has flopped about all over the shop over the past several hours, another eye-opening crypto-industry adoption story has come to light.

And that’s the fact “Big Four” accounting firm Deloitte appears to be on a crypto-expert hiring mission.

Per a report from Blockworks, a LinkedIn search for crypto jobs in the US revealed more than 330 available roles, posted about a week ago, that require crypto/blockchain knowledge and experience.

These include almost 100 “Blockchain & Digital Assets Manager” positions, as well as blockchain, crypto and NFT tax-management roles.

The Blockchain & Digital Assets Manager positions with the firm will require successful applicants to lead teams that are ready to audit blockchain and digital asset transactions, along with helping to design governance models, identify new risks and evaluate blockchain reliability.

It’s not the first time Deloitte has made crypto-related business moves. In January, Circle, the issuer of the USDC stablecoin, hired the accounting firm to audit its “proof of reserves”.

And in late February, Deloitte announced a partnership with web3 platform Vatom to launch something called “Mirror World”  – metaverse-based experiences with digital-wallet-integration capabilities designed for various industries.


Bitcoin leads the way for risk-assets surge: economist

Danish-born macroeconomist Henrik Zeberg is raising a few eyebrows this week after tweeting that he believes “risk assets will soar” into the Northern Hemispherical summer, and that “Bitcoin is leading the way”.

The macro guru goes onto explain that he thinks a “blow-off top” is forming for both stocks and crypto and that it’s being driven by “the coming strong decline in yields”.

“Economy in Goldilocks zone. Risk assets will soar into summer,” he notes, adding a swipe or two at the more bearish voices around at present pointing to his thesis that the US economy is “100% not in recession”…

… while further claiming that “Bears are delusional” and are enveloped by “the Wall of Worry”.

The economist also highlighted some technical analysis to back up his statements, pointing to the formation of a bullish “cup and handle” pattern he’s seeing on the charts for Bitcoin…