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Morning, Coinheads.

The market is all over the place. If regulators could stop threatening bans and rate rises, and if Russia could kindly knock it off with the war games, not to mention an end to this gee dee pandemic, we’d hazard a guess that might go some way towards smoothing out the fairly constant volatility that has characterised this, our year of 2022.

Bitcoin is down, Dogecoin is down, Ethereum is up, along with Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, while Newscrypto, native token of an all-in-one educational trading ecosystem, is 50% lower than it was last year. And Binance coin is bouncing back after the US$1.7m NFT hack on OpenSea.

SafeMoon has already surpassed one million wallet downloads, but we expect uptake is likely to slow, given it stands accused of running a celebrity pump-and-dump in a class action lawsuit. Good thing the US has just appointed its first Crypto Cop to monitor and address this kind of fraud malarkey.

Meanwhile, it seems that Metaverse tokens are performing better than actual Metaverse related tech stocks. ORLY?




US market close: Digital assets waver

Prominent cryptocurrencies were wavering midweek with Bitcoin down 0.60%, Ethereum up 0.65%, and Litecoin up 1.47%. In other digital assets, Bitcoin Cash was up 1.05%, while Dogecoin was 0.55% lower.


Metaverse tokens are outperforming metaverse-oriented tech stocks

Stocks in existing 3D virtual and gaming blockchain platforms, as well as their native cryptocurrency tokens, have benefited from the Meta hype of metaverse. Currency tokens tied to these metaverse environments outperformed metaverse-related equities in February.


The new (virtual) sheriff in town: US taps top crypto cop

The US Department of Justice named Eun Young Choi as the first director of its National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team last week, as part of a broadening effort to monitor virtual currency and associated activity.


SafeMoon price prediction: One million wallet downloads

It may be a relative newcomer to the industry and one of the stars of 2021, but DeFi player SafeMoon (SFM) has managed to stir up controversy.


Newscrypto (NWC) price prediction: Crypto winter ahead?

Newscrypto (NWC), a native token of an all-in-one educational trading ecosystem, fell more than 51% YTD, trading at $0.209. Are there possible warnings of a crypto winter ahead?


Binance coin price prediction: can BNB surpass its record high?

The token of the Binance exchange is bouncing back after a US$1.7m hack on NFT marketplace OpenSea raised concerns again over crypto security.


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