The past year was crypto’s biggest yet in terms of mainstream attention, growing adoption and bulging market caps. So what might 2022 bring? Stockhead has been catching up with crypto-industry leaders to get their Nostradamus-like thoughts…


‘DAOs will explode out of nowhere’

Kadan Stadelmann, CTO of Komodo (KMD) – a leader in blockchain interoperability and atomic swap technology

On institutional adoption and NFTs:

“2021 has been a wild year for the crypto market, and I think we can expect that 2022 will be even wilder. The two main themes we saw in 2021 were the institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies and the explosion of NFTs. It’s safe to say that both of these themes will continue.

“I predict NFTs will gain adoption in other areas besides art and digital memorabilia. We’re just starting to scratch the surface of what they can actually do. For example, NFTs can be used for creating digital tickets to sporting events and concerts. They can even be used to digitally represent physical items such as real estate deeds.”

On DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisations):

“Each year there seems to be a new theme that explodes out of nowhere. I think that will be DAOs in 2022. We already saw the trend start back in November with ConstitutionDAO — a group that raised US$40 million in seven days in a collective effort to purchase a copy of the US Constitution.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see more organisations, even a few that are outside of the crypto sector, launch DAOs and create governance tokens rather than using traditional fundraising routes like venture capital raises or IPOs.”

On cyber attacks:

“On a more grim note, I predict there will be unprecedented cyber attacks this coming year in the general tech sector as well as the crypto space. These attacks will likely affect major industries and highly critical infrastructure. As one example, we are already beginning to see the potential fallout from the Log4j vulnerability.”


‘2022 will be a bull market for crypto’

Liquidity Wizard, founder of Tokemak (TOKE) – an innovative, sustainable deep liquidity engine for DeFi projects.

On the broader crypto market:

“I think 2022 will be a bull market for crypto, but also a year for decoupling. The market cap of paperweight tokens from yesteryear will finally roll over to the market cap of tokens that actually do useful things.

“And there are a lot of those good projects – for example, Alchemix, SPELL, OHM, Concave, Redacted, The Graph, Ankr, MOVR, Zodiac… and let’s not forget TOKE.

“Also, I think SUSHI will come back from the brink in 2022, and if zkSync or Starkware [zk-rollup scalability protocols] can work, then that’ll be insane.”

On DeFi:

“Within DeFi, the Curve Wars will heat up and then begin to evolve into a more strategic liquidity arms race. Protocols will continue to entrench themselves as the power users of DeFi, and the ecosystem will look more and more opaque to outsiders looking in (as base level infrastructure generally does).”

On cross-chain interoperability:

“Cross-chain infrastructure and utilisation will expand rapidly, leading to new products and opportunities, as well as some confusion. Protocols focused on moving data, tokens, and liquidity across chains will flourish.

On crypto gaming:

“Most of all, 2022 will be the year of gaming. Built on the shoulders of DeFi infrastructure, GameFi projects (such as Illuvium and Ember Sword) will explode.

“Crypto will finally have its B2C [business-to-consumer] moment as gaming/gambling/experiences/entertainment drive the masses into Web3, often without them even realising it. Traders won the last phase of crypto. Gamers are about to win the next.”


‘Audio NFTs will take a lot of the attention’

Sean Gardner, co-founder of Emanate (EMT) – an Aussie-founded, decentralised music-sharing platform.

On the next major NFT (non-fungible token) trend:

“I’m predicting that Audio NFTs will take a lot of the attention and that by the end of 2022 we will have the beginning of a new ‘Music3’ industry ecosystem.”