The five-day working week in crypto draws to another close, but that particular market never sleeps. It’s been a big week for it, with Bitcoin ETF optimism dominating sentiment.


What a week it was in crypto, eh? Five Bitcoin ETF applications in five days, a crypto exchange (EDXM) launched by financial titans Fidelity, Charles Schwab and Citadel Securities…

… and even Fed boss Jerome Powell offering the crypto market a teensy scrap of hopium amid his hawkish macro tones.

And the Aussie cricket team won the first Ashes Test over in Birmingham, Pomgolia. Which, obviously has nothing to do with crypto. (That said, Nathan Lyon does have a digital/NFT platform brand thing called GOATD and apparently some of the other blokes in the team are “interested in the web3 space”.)

So, then, despite the ASX not having the greatest of times this week, at least the crypto market’s spirits have been lifted over the past five days or so.

And with that in mind, let’s quickly check in on a few things before we get out of here till Monday…

One… Has Bitcoin managed to sustain US$30k since we last took a look?

Yep, it has. Just. For the moment. At the time of writing. Ethereum is also looking in good shape and has also had a banging week for gains in a high-cap crypto sense.

pepe coin

Two… How’s market sentiment tracking? Remarkably Greedy again, actually. Like this…

pepe coin

Three… what’s turning heads in the volatile world of altcoins? Well, and don’t shoot the messenger on this one, but ‘toon-frog-themed memecoin Pepe (PEPE) is.

It’s up a whopping 74% over the past seven days.


Can it become a frogicorn? Love it or loathe it, it seems to have some “staying power” of its own. Looks like it’s getting a listing on another large exchange imminently, too…

And we know we posted this earlier, but here’s Miles Deutscher of the Crypto Banter YouTube/podcast collective, with a PEPE>DOGE “Underwater” thesis…

Note: like Miles (we think), Coinhead is not in any PEPE positions right now. We had the epiphany a while back that the whole thing was more than a little faintly ridiculous and sold out for what little we’d dabbled in for a profit that might buy a round of drinks at our local. During Happy Hour.

Now, of course, we’re wondering if we should’ve simply held on to that degenerate conviction. Nah, BTC and ETH it is. (Not financial advice. It obviously absolutely never is. But sometimes we feel the need to say it anyway.)


 Around the blocks one more time

Pertinence and randomness spotted on our arvo trip round the Crypto Twitterverse…