Sydney-based crypto firm Immutable has landed another big collab, coming together with mainstream gaming and entertainment veterans to help launch the popular Kaidro web toon as a web3 crypto game.

Launched in 2020 by LA production company Gadget-Bot as a web toon, Kaidro is a story-based sci-fi “transmedia” franchise with anime vibes that’s mainly known for the webcomic series Kaidro: The Awakening.

Never heard of it? Neither had we, but it’s popular. The franchise has more than 1 million followers on TikTok and has amassed more than 40 million views across multiple media channels. 

Building on the Kaidro universe, the newly announced web3 game will be enabled on the Ethereum-compatible (and gas-free) Immutable blockchain. And it will be developed by the founders of Gadget-Bot, which has contributed to the success of major entertainment ventures including Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Jurassic World, Westworld, PUBG, Pacific Rim and others. 

In the game, a multiplayer action RPG, players will assume the role of bounty hunters caught between worlds and tasked with taking down the Outlander Radical – a vicious astral warrior tearing reality apart. Players can assemble clans, pilot mechs, and harness a unique set of skills to fend off Void creatures in a bid to save the world from annihilation. 

If only these bounty hunter heroes could come to Earth and save us from marauding AI-empowered Furbies. But we digress. 


Is this an NFT game? 

Yes, it involves tokens of the non-fungible variety. 

According to info supplied to Stockhead, the game’s NFT Genesis collection will feature three clans from the Kaidro Universe. There will be a chance of obtaining a mech, a spirit guardian, or a pilot.

NFT owners will be able to unveil the unique storylines and lore of each specific NFT that they receive and they’ll also receive access to unique items belonging to specific clans.

Every victory holders earn within a season will contribute to a clan’s ranking, with the top clan then having a chance to receive special NFT airdrops as well as $KDR – the native token of the Kaidro universe. 


The bit where founders and CEOs say they’re excited

You’ve reached another checkpoint in this article. The final one, in fact. Which can mean only one thing in a press-release-led piece such as this… carefully scripted quotes…

“We’re thrilled to partner with Immutable to bring the Kaidro universe to web3,” said Peggy Chung, co-founder and CEO at Kaidro. “We’ve always taken a community-first approach to storytelling experiences, and this collaboration allows us to explore new frontiers in gaming and offer tangible ownership to our dedicated community.” 

“We’re honoured to welcome Kaidro to the Immutable family and delighted the team chose Immutable as the foundation for its Web3 foray,” said Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable.

“Kaidro is unique because it brings well-established and highly popular IP to Web3. We’re excited to see what the franchise delivers and thrilled to be partnering with them to bring their vision to life.”