RLF AgTech (RLF) is a technology driven crop nutrition company that combines plant science with advanced chemistry and manufacturing practices to produce high-quality plant nutrition products for commercial agriculture. RLF’s Plant Proton Delivery Technology enables farmers to grow higher-yielding, better-quality, and more nutritious produce while supporting the plants’ natural ability to store and reduce atmospheric carbon.

An Australian based business RLF AgTech operates in the global agricultural market, supported by an advanced sales and distribution network located across the world’s leading agriculture markets – including China, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines, with further international growth plans underway.

RLF Carbon, a wholly owned subsidiary of RLF has been established to focus on providing commercial farming with the ability to sequester and monetise carbon in soil in Australia’s grain industry. Commencing with the launch of a 5,000ha commercial carbon pilot program using RLF AgTech’s plant nutrition products, RLF Carbon will be seeking to have the project registered under the Australian Federal Government’s Emission Reduction Fund for the purpose of earning ACCU’s.


  • RLF AgTech ASX RLF Ken Hancock

    Ken Hancock | Chief Executive Officer (Global) Managing Director

    With over 20 years operational experience in mid-sized manufacturing and distribution businesses, Ken has been responsible for the development of RLF’s core business assets, including our expansion into China, the world’s largest crop nutrition market.

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  • RLF AgTech Dr Mike Lu

    Dr Mike Lu (PH.D.) | Chief Executive Officer (Asia)

    Responsible for Asia operations with significant management experience in Chinese crop nutrition markets, Dr. Lu holds a Ph.D. in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition.

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  • RLF AgTech Gavin Ball

    Gavin Ball | Executive Director

    Gavin is responsible for managing global distribution of the RLF product range and providing other corporate and executive support to the operating business groups.

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