• RLF AgTech has provided guidance for FY24 revenues of $15-$16 million (30%-40% up on FY23)
  • Company focusing on several key areas to drive growth
  • RLF AgTech to expand workforce and distributor networks


Tech-driven plant nutrition company RLF AgTech is gearing up for solid revenue growth with guidance between $15-$16 million for FY24, surpassing record revenue of $11.5 million in FY23.

This market guidance underscores successful strategic growth plans for RLF AgTech (ASX:RLF) and increasing recognition of its technology’s competitive edge in reducing input costs and delivering gains in crop quality and yield for farmers.

RLF integrates the principles of plant science with advanced chemistry and manufacturing techniques to produce plant nutrition solutions tailored for the commercial agriculture industry.

The company’s Plant Proton Delivery Technology (PPDT) allows farmers to cultivate crops with enhanced yields, improved quality, and increased nutritional value, while bolstering the plants’ capacity to store and reduce atmospheric carbon.

RLF is one of only a few ASX-listed stocks with an existing business and product to access the estimated $1.3 trillion global agricultural market, the world’s largest industry.


Strategic Growth Initiatives

As part of its continued commitment to growth and innovation RLF is focusing on several key areas to drive its expansion and development.

RLF intends to continue its investment in intellectual property, ensuring that its technology remains at the forefront of innovation in the Agtech sector.

This emphasis on innovation is expected to keep the company ahead of the curve in delivering cutting-edge solutions to farmers.

RLF is actively broadening its distributor networks to reach more markets and foster stronger relationships with partners.

This expansion aims to make RLF’s technology more accessible to both established and emerging markets, broadening its global footprint.

In addition, RLF plans to double its sales team within the next two years to leverage its established Asian operations.

The move is expected to strengthen relationships and expand distribution networks in key territories, solidifying the company’s position as a leading player in the global Agtech industry.

Recognising the importance of its workforce, RLF says it’s also dedicated to investing in the growth and development of workers, which are integral in driving the company’s success.

RLF’s core China business operates through distributors spread across the country and supports a variety of agricultural crops, reducing risk and the impact of adverse events in any one location or segment.

Diversification of revenues into South-East Asia is also showing strong growth potential.


RLF Carbon: Pioneering Carbon Credit Generation

A standout within the company’s portfolio is RLF Carbon, which offers potential exposure to carbon credit generation while creating additional core revenue streams.

The company has filed process patents for soil carbon generation to position itself as a leader in this emerging field and is playing a crucial role in the carbon value chain by connecting farmers, emitters, and project financiers.

With the safeguard mechanism for Australia’s largest emitters projected to drive increased demand for Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) to offset their emissions, RLF stands to benefit from robust price scenarios and significant opportunities for RLF Carbon.

RLF announced in July that its wholly-owned subsidiary RLF Carbon Pty Ltd  has formed a strategic carbon alliance with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (ASX:CBA).

The alliance will fund a large-scale soil carbon pilot program and enable RLF and the CBA to work together to seek to expand the generation of ACCUs in the future at scale.

RLF expects to recognise the initial funding from CBA for the Soil Carbon Pilot Program in FY24.




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