Openn Negotiation Limited (ASX: OPN) is an Australian property technology company offering a proprietary cloud-based software platform to support real estate agents in selling property online with greater transparency.

The Openn platform facilitates a negotiation process, featuring streamlined digital contracting and automated communication tools, which enhances a property transaction. The solution provides buyers with real-time feedback through their device on how much competition exists and where their price stands in the negotiation, resulting in an optimal sales outcome.

Openn’s platform widely used as a SaaS product within the real estate community in Australia and New Zealand and the company is devoting significant efforts to build an enduring market presence in the US and Canada via subsidiary group Openn North America


  • Peter Gibbons | Managing Director

    Peter is one of the founders of Openn and has been instrumental in the development of the Openn Negotiation process and the commercialisation of the Openn Business.  He has extensive experience in property investment banking, property development, and financing and technology development. Peter is currently leading the development of Openn North America.

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  • Sean Adomeit | CEO

    Sean oversees Openn Australia and New Zealand. He has developed and implemented several strategic initiatives and organisational systems from the outset of the business. Sean has extensive experience in branding, digital marketing, and sales management.

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  • Duncan Anderson | Chief Technology Officer

    Duncan has 25 years of experience in new technology development and commercialisation across USA, Brazil, Indonesia, and Australia. He has been instrumental in positioning Openn’s team and technology to compete at scale. Duncan also serves as an Executive Director for the Company and is currently President of Openn North America.

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