Exopharm (ASX:EX1) is a leader in advancing Genetic Medicines and other exosome-based medicines using exosomes or extracellular vesicles (EVs) as a chassis for improved and non-viral drug-delivery.

Exopharm (ASX:EX1) is pursuing a product pipeline-driven platform strategy. Exosomes can be loaded with a variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and can be targeted to selected cell-types and tissue types, improving the safety-profile of the APIs and providing better treatments.  Exosomes can be used to deliver small molecule drugs, mRNA, DNA and other types of APIs.

Exosomes are an alternative means of drug-delivery inside the body, alongside technologies such as lipid nanoparticles (LNP), cell-penetrating peptides, viral vectors and liposomes.

Exopharm’s exosome technologies solve important needs for the success of exosome medicines – LEAP manufacturing technology, LOAD API loading technologies and EVPS tropism technologies.

Exosome-based medicines could improve the treatment of many chronic or inherited medical conditions.

Exopharm is making its proprietary technologies available to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that want to harness exosome-delivery for their own products.

In addition, Exopharm is using its technology platform to enable its own product development programs – each aimed at delivering a transformative medicine for an unmet medical need.


  • Ian Dixon, Managing Director & Founder

    Dr Ian Dixon has a PhD in biomedical engineering from Monash University, an MBA from Swinburne University and professional engineering qualifications.

    Ian has been successful in translating technology challenges into valuable businesses and respected intellectual property.

    He is a co-inventor of Exopharm’s LEAP manufacturing technology and a co-inventor of Fortrexo, part of Exopharm’s EEV pipeline.

    Ian brings to Exopharm an extensive technical, commercial and entrepreneurial background.

    Before founding Exopharm in 2013, Ian co-founded Cynata Inc, the owner of the Cymerus stem cell technology now being commercialised by ASX-listed clinical-stage Cynata Therapeutics Ltd (ASX:CYP).

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  • Michael West, Chief Technology Officer

    Mike holds a PhD in Chemistry and graduate qualifications in law and management. He brings 23 years of industry experience in drug development of both pre-clinical and clinical assets. Mike has worked in big-Pharma and has had C-suite roles in several biotechnology companies, bringing a wealth of experience in technology management to Exopharm.

    Mike will drive technology and drug development at Exopharm, to reinforce our world leading reputation. Mike is also assisting in the selection of the pipeline products and will contribute to the development programs of those products.

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  • David Oxley, President International

    David Oxley brings extensive commercial experience in life sciences, with a focus in novel technologies in the biotech and life sciences sectors.  He has a proven track record of commercial success, including prosecuting complex, cross-border licensing constructs, inclusive of non-dilutive capital raising, world-wide commercial P&L management, and new product launch experience.

    Within the biotech sector, his most recent experience includes service as senior vice president of business development and licensing for Melbourne-based, cellular medicines leader, Mesoblast, where he continues his service as a consultant.

    Mr. Oxley’s previous assignments include chief executive officer of a Beijing-based cellular medicines company, and senior vice president of emerging markets and general manager of China for a California-based regenerative medicines company.

    Prior to his tenure within the biotech sector, David served a combined eighteen years in executive leadership positions in the life sciences arena, including head of global sales and marketing and head of global government relations for medical devices companies, health-care capital markets management for a leading U.S. bank, healthcare policy advocacy before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in addition to service as legislative staff for a Member of the United States Congress.

    Beyond his corporate management experience, David served on the boards of a privately held antibody-based medical device company in the U.S. and a not-for-profit foundation that is focused on infectious diseases in Africa.

    David completed his bachelors’ studies in history at Portland State University and his master’s studies in government and public health at Johns Hopkins University in the U.S.

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