ECS Botantics (ASX:ECS) have a proud Tasmanian heritage. Their industrial hemp seed is grown from their farm in the pristine midlands of Tasmania, known for its clean air and rich fertile soils, producing the finest foods.

Tasmanian climate and soils of the region combine to create ideal growing conditions, producing a depth and consistency of secondary metabolites in cannabis ie THC, CBD, Terpenes.

ECS prides itself on building strong relationships with farmers, suppliers and manufacturers.

The company’s product portfolio, specialised supply chain and best of breed farmer network, position them to be a leading player in the Australian hemp market.

They believe in changing the world through hemp and in supporting a healthy planet with sustainable products which will enable people to live better, healthier lives.


David McCredie OBE, Non Executive Chairman

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Alex Keach, Managing Director

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Nan-Maree Schoerie, Executive Director

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Jeremy King, Non Executive Director

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Michael Nitsche, Non Executive Director

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