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In this episode, Justin speaks with Yanir Yakutiel, founder and CEO of Lumi, a leading fintech lender which provides small business loans of up to $200,000.

Yakutiel began Lumi with one major goal in mind: to help Australian small businesses flourish by offering fast, flexible and fully transparent loans.

He recognised the opportunity to use the power of data and analytics to create a market-leading, customer-focused small business lender that truly solves the lack of access to capital that is an existential problem for Australian small business owners, so he launched Lumi in August 2018.

Prior to that, Yakutiel had a background in logistics, finance and law and worked in corporations spanning the UK, Italy and Israel before setting up shop in Australia.

In this episode, Yakutiel talks about the role fintechs can play in powering the post-COVID economic fightback. He reveals more about his years of compulsory military service, the innovative and creative spirit of Israel, his early days in Australia and why it was true love that brought him Down Under.

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