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On this episode, Justin talks with Bill Mali (CEO) and Derek Kidley (chairman) of Paycepaid, an emerging provider of debt collection software.

Paycepaid is a leading customer-centric, hybrid debt collection solution that empowers businesses to manage their end-to-end collections cycle while providing their customers with simple payment options, avoiding awkward conversations and reducing financial stress and anxiety.

It provides a comprehensive debt collection solution that leverages the benefits of both digital automation and human interaction. Utilising its digital platform for early to mid-stage debt recovery, where businesses can then seamlessly escalate any late-stage or bad debt to its industry leading subsidiary debt collection agency Australian Debt Recoveries, all within its platform.

By adopting an innovative customer-centric approach to hybrid debt collection and combining the strengths of both approaches to debt collection, Paycepaid offers a comprehensive holistic solution that ensures a better, more effective and personalised experience for its clients and their customers.

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