Zyber might actually be about to do a deal.

The shell company (ASX:ZYB), which surged in price on expectation of doing a blockchain deal in January before falling back to earth, has gone into a trading halt pending a deal.

“Zyber hereby requests an extension in the suspension of the company’s securities, effective immediately, pending a potential investment in a privately held company,” the company said in an ASX announcement.

The shares have ben suspended since February 14.

Stockhead is seeking comment from Zyber.

A new director of Zyber, George Hatzipapas, and his wife Argiroula control a total of 19.68 per cent of the company through two different entities.

Brisbane-based Mr Hatzipapas controls Dyamond Developments.

Mrs Hatzipapas controls Gaks Investments Holdings, which was rapidly building a stake in Zyber since just before Mr Hatzipapas was appointed as a director.

By June last year Dyamond Developments was the largest shareholder in Zyber, and Gaks was number two.