As it celebrates one year since launching in Australia, moomoo is further enhancing its leading industry tech to better help investors analyse stocks and invest in the US market.

Trading platform moomoo reckons while investors should remain cautious about the health of the US economy, there is a good opportunity to buy quality US stocks.

Australian chief market strategist of moomoo Matt Wilson said as we close out Q1 CY23 investors are at a tricky inflection point.

“Central banks are quickly adjusting or normalising the emergency rate levels of the past decade” he said.

Wilson said this resonates with Warren Buffet’s famous quote – ‘Only when the tide goes out you can see who has been swimming naked.’

“The rapid change in the investment environment from cheap money to one where the cost of, and access to capital, becomes significant is beginning to become a critical differentiator in businesses that can thrive or survive,” he said.

“Suddenly, dealing with or investing with companies that are financially secure is the most important decision to make”.

Further, he noted  markets are bending under rapid changes to investment metrics.

“Some companies – like Silicon Valley Bank or Credit Suisse – will break but others will prosper.

“Identifying which companies or markets will do well and which companies or markets will struggle is a key to managing your investment risks.”

Investment tools for identifying companies

Celebrating its one-year anniversary since its Australian launch Wilson said to identify companies or markets which will do well investors need access to the best analytical tools available, which moomoo can provide.

Based in Sydney, moomoo is a subsidiary of Futu Holdings Ltd, an advanced tech company transforming offering a fully digitised brokerage and wealth management platform.

Futu was ranked second in Fortune magazine’s 100 fastest-growing companies list in 2022.

With access to a team of more than 1700 IT developers the moomoo app is continuously improving the trading experience and was designed to help investors identify stocks and make trading decisions faster.

It is powered by comprehensive professional-grade tools, real-time data, and fully integrated social functionalities with features including:

      • Free advanced trading tools
      • Order flow analysis
      • Position cost distribution
      • Technical indicators signal powered by Artificial intelligence
      • Earnings calendar for AU & US markets
      • Visualised company financials & business data
      • Institutional funds holding trackers
      • Free access to Analyst rating & target price

With free dynamic live quotes and a course of sales for US stocks, US stock investors can get a 3D view of the market.

Extended US trading hours

Wilson said moomoo is moving from 16/5 to 24/5 so Aussie investors can trade US stocks between 8pm and 4am ET.

“US Market Makers create a two-way market in leading shares that allows investors to deal out of ordinary exchange hours and moomoo provides access to those prices,” he said.

“The market is clearly not as liquid out of hours but for Aussies the additional trading hours are more user friendly and can allow investors to take advantage of opportunities that arise outside of normal trading hours.”

Further product enhancements

Wilson said from late April users will be able to view the latest stock ratings from Wall Street analysts.

“By tracking and ranking Wall Street analysts, you can gain insights from the best and get alerts on your watchlist,” he said.

The platform is also introducing new charting tools and technical indicators in July including:

  • Simultaneously monitor stocks in different time frames, with multiple screeners, using real-time data that refreshes every 0.03 seconds.
  • Up to six multi-monitors
  • Easily add deeper technical analysis to your trading with data from 63+ indicators that match your strategy.
    • 38 drawing tools to help you identify trade signals faster, even when using sophisticated charts.
    • Easily build your own technical indicators with more than 190 pre-set functions and synchronise them across your devices.

 US opportunities for investors

Wilson said analysts are forecasting that the US Fed is nearing the end of its interest rate hikes with US inflation having fallen since September.

“This may prove to be timely and allow the US Fed to manage a ‘soft landing’ for the US economy,” he said.

“Investors looking through this cycle see robust retail sales and consumer sentiment compared to one year ago, so the market has held together well.

“US share prices surged at the beginning of the year but have steadied which may provide an opportunity to invest in leading global brands that we are all familiar with.”

Wilson said in addition, investing in USD-denominated assets has the potential to hedge against weakness in the AUD’s exchange rate, should that occur.

He said investors have remained cautious about the health of the US economy even after recent actions from regulators and authorities helped ease worries over the banking system.

“Despite the FSOC’s statement that the US banking system is resilient and First Citizens BancShares’ deal to buy failed Silicon Valley Bank, the recent collapse of two US regional banks fuelled concerns of recession and broader contagion,” he said.

This article was developed in collaboration with moomoo, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

This article does not constitute financial product advice. You should consider obtaining independent advice before making any financial decisions.