Data solutions startup Wangle Technologies will connect with hundreds of thousands of Australian parents each week about cyber safety through a content integration deal with school communications platform SkoolBag.

Wangle (ASX:WGL) has two key projects: a patent-pending app that ups data speed and encrypts user content for security, and a cyber safety app called Wangle Family Insites.

Wangle Family Insites lets parents track their kids’ internet use and be notified of any threats so that early intervention can happen easily.

SkoolBag is owned by ASX-listed entity MOQ Ltd and provides school communication tools and newsletter templates to 2800 schools across Australia.

As part of an affiliate heads of agreement with SkoolBag, Wangle will integrate its ebooks and educational content into the SkoolBag platform, as well as links to download the Wangle app.

There are 600,000 active parental users on SkoolBag each week, with one million signed up for the service.

Wangle chief executive Sean Smith told Stockhead the company’s strategy going forward is finding strong partnerships to grow its network.

“This is a foundational partnership for us, it’s exciting,” Mr Smith told Stockhead.

‘Significant edge’ in cybersecurity

Wangle Family Insites has a significant edge in the cybersecurity market, because it has worked hard to develop evidence-based solutions and well-researched content to help parents navigate online risks, Mr Smith says.

“The challenge for parents in that foundational 8-12 year old age bracket, is the internet is emerging as a major contributor to life.

“Parents don’t understand how their children are going to use it, but they know there are probably dangers — though they don’t know what those dangers are.”

Wangle Family Insites analyses children’s data use to identify problematic patterns, while also guiding parents on how to respond to this.

The company has worked with children’s medical research group the Telethon Kids Institute to develop the program and tools for parents.

Mr Smith said SkoolBag has had “quite incredible growth” and it was a significant milestone for Wangle to come on as a foundation content partner for the platform.

“Financially the agreement has the potential to fast track the company’s commercialisation phase, as it requires the conversion of only 8 per cent of SkoolBag’s customer base for Wangle to become cashflow positive from operations.”

Parents will be able to access Wangle content on SkoolBag when term three kicks off in July.