• Viva Energy and DataMesh forge transformative payment technology partnership
  • Integration of DataMesh’s Unify across Viva’s network promises seamless transactions
  • Collaboration targets future-proof, contactless, and digital customer experiences


Special Report: In a move set to reshape the fuel retail landscape, Viva Energy Australia has formed a game-changing partnership with financial technology innovator DataMesh.

One of Australia’s largest fuel suppliers has signed a multi-year agreement which will see DataMesh’s cutting-edge payment solutions integrated across its vast network of company-owned and dealer sites, ushering in a new era of seamless transactions and elevated customer experiences.

Meeting approximately 25 per cent of the nation’s liquid fuel demands, Viva Energy recognises the pivotal role of innovative payment technology in driving operational efficiency and consumer satisfaction. By joining forces with DataMesh, the company aims to future-proof its offerings, ensuring a seamless journey for customers across all touchpoints, from in-store purchases to forecourt transactions and digital channels.

Ashley Harris, Shell Card manager at Viva Energy, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating: “Viva Energy is deploying next-generation technology to deliver an exceptional customer experience, and DataMesh is an ideal partner on this journey.

“Their one terminal solution handles the myriad of payment types that consumers expect today, from proprietary fuel cards to mobile wallets.”

At the core of this collaboration lies DataMesh’s renowned Unify platform, an “all-in-one” solution that provides a modular, card-present, and eCommerce capability, seamlessly integrating with existing acquirer and merchant systems. This approach ensures a smooth transition without disrupting Viva Energy’s established relationships while enabling the adoption of cutting-edge payment innovations.

Mark Nagy, the CEO of DataMesh, highlighted the company’s deep-rooted expertise in catering to the unique needs of high-volume industries like fuel, retail and hospitality.

“The consumer payment landscape is rapidly evolving, with customers demanding support for everything from loyalty programs to contactless apps,” he stated. “Our platform ensures Viva is future-proofed to accept any payment method, all while generating rich data insights.”

The partnership underscores DataMesh’s commitment to relentless innovation, with plans to develop tailored solutions that address Viva Energy’s evolving requirements.

“As Viva Energy’s needs grow, DataMesh will create tailored solutions that generate a competitive edge through exceptional customer service and smoother operations,” Nagy said.

Viva Energy’s extensive Australia-wide network, spanning company-owned and dealership locations, will soon benefit from DataMesh’s comprehensive suite of solutions. The advanced technology will support a wide range of services, including scheme cards, fuel cards, loyalty programs, gift cards, unattended transactions, and cutting-edge digital payment options, ensuring a seamless experience for customers across all touchpoints.

Harris expressed gratitude for DataMesh’s collaborative approach.

“DataMesh payment experts worked closely with our team to understand our requirements and design a flexible, future-proof architecture,” he said.

The partnership is pivotal for the fuel retail industry as consumer expectations evolve rapidly. With the rise of contactless payments, mobile wallets, and digital loyalty programs, providers must adapt swiftly to remain competitive and meet the demands of tech-savvy customers.

DataMesh’s track record of success in payments is further bolstered by its recent accomplishments, including being named the Best Service Innovation in the AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies list for 2023. The company’s ability to integrate cutting-edge technologies, such as enabling cryptocurrency payments for fuel purchases, has solidified its reputation as unique in the industry.

As the partnership between Viva Energy and DataMesh takes shape, the fuel retail industry is poised for a transformative shift. By harnessing the power of DataMesh’s innovative payment solutions, Viva Energy aims to elevate the customer experience, cementing its position as a leader in delivering seamless, future-ready services that cater to the evolving needs of modern consumers.


This article was developed in collaboration with DataMesh, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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