• Beonic has a global tech footprint of 11,500 venues in 35 countries
  • It treats wifi like the “Google Analytics” for public spaces
  • Beonic allows venue operators to make smarter, data-driven decisions.


Special Report: The importance of seamless connectivity can’t be overstated. Beonic (ASX:BEO) an Australian-listed company with global reach, is helping integrate IoT technology into everyday life.

Beonic has a global footprint that spans 11,500 venues in 35 countries, including more than 80 airports worldwide. Its technology makes air travel easy, improving the passenger experience and reducing the ‘cost to serve.’ Shorter queue times encourage flyers to spend more time enjoying airport retail.

With its unique approach, Beonic is also reimagining how we experience public spaces—from the golden sands of Rio’s beaches to the bustling corridors of São Paulo’s metro. Beonic’s mission is to make every transition, whether navigating through an airport or browsing in a shopping mall, as smooth as possible.

“Our goal is to remove barriers to connectivity and create an invisible, seamless experience that enhances everyday life,” CEO Billy Tucker explains.

Its ambitious project in Rio de Janeiro, harnessing 6,000 free wifi access points city-wide, showcases Beonic’s capacity for large-scale implementations that enhance connectivity and facilitate comprehensive data analysis on people flow and demographics.

“We’re not just connecting people to the internet; we’re connecting them to what matters most in their lives, wherever they happen to be,” he says.

Forget the frustratingly slow and often spam-heavy wifi we’ve all grudgingly used in public spaces. Beonic offers a user-friendly, highly-secure one-click wifi  service.

This isn’t just about providing internet access; it’s about collecting valuable data on movement patterns and behaviours, offering venue operators insights to improve efficiency and safety.

Beonic treats wifi like “Google Analytics for physical places,” transforming anonymous data into actionable insights.

“In the age of information, understanding the flow of people is as crucial as understanding the flow of data.”

From airport operators craving efficiency to retail malls seeking to enhance the shopper experience, Beonic’s client list is as diverse as it is impressive. The company’s solutions help these entities not only understand but also meaningfully engage with their customers. This level of insight is crucial for creating efficient and enjoyable spaces for the end user.

“Each client brings a unique challenge, but the common thread is the need for connectivity that enriches the user experience.”

Today, Beonic’s revenue comes from SaaS subscriptions, consulting services, and the resale of IoT devices. However, the company is strategically pivoting towards a purely SaaS-based model. This move aims to focus on adaptable software solutions that can integrate with existing, often legacy hardware, emphasising the importance of software over hardware in delivering value to clients.

“The future is software. It’s about creating adaptable, scalable solutions that grow with our clients’ needs.”

In a competitive marketplace, Beonic distinguishes itself through its unparalleled experience in airport and retail environments.

This unique blend of expertise allows Beonic to offer holistic tech and data solutions that tackle the specific challenges of these sectors, giving it a distinct advantage over competitors.

Its commitment to enhancing public space efficiency and connectivity is a call to action for investors looking for the next big thing.

“At Beonic, we’re not just thinking about the next step; we’re envisioning the next leap,” Tucker says.

“As the company continues its journey, it remains dedicated to improving how we interact with public spaces. Through its commitment to innovation, global expansion, and a keen focus on being a leading IoT solutions provider, Beonic is not just part of the future – it’s actively creating it.

“The promise of Beonic lies in enhancing our daily experiences and providing venue operators with the insights needed to make smarter, data-driven decisions.”


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