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In this episode, Justin interviews Billy Tucker, CEO of Beonic (ASX:BEO).

Beonic is a company on the rise, making waves in the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital solutions space. It has customers all over the world and is transforming the way we interact with public spaces through technology.

Beonic has a global footprint that spans 11,500 venues in 35 countries, including more than 80 airports worldwide. Its technology makes air travel easy, improving the passenger experience and reducing the “cost to serve”. Shorter queue times encourage flyers to spend more time enjoying airport retail.

With its unique approach, Beonic is also reimagining how we experience public spaces — from the golden sands of Rio’s beaches to the bustling corridors of Sao Paulo’s metro.

It’s renowned for its cutting-edge tech that enhances efficiency and customer experience in high-traffic environments such as airports and retail spaces.

Beonic’s technologies, including wifi hotspots, lidar, and infrared doppler, are not just about connecting people; they’re about understanding movement, improving safety, and enhancing the consumer experience.

This approach has positioned Beonic as a leader in creating smart, efficient environments in sectors ranging from aviation to retail.

Beonic’s mission is to make every transition, whether navigating through an airport or browsing in a shopping mall, as smooth as possible.