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In this episode, Justin talks with James Fielding, CEO and founder of ASX listed health-tech company Audeara (ASX:AUA).

Audeara listed on the ASX in May 2021 and makes the world’s only full-fidelity headphones with a built-in hearing test. The company was created by two young Brisbane doctors after they saw how hard it was for their patients to get a hearing test in the public health system (wait times for audiologists were multiple months in the city and even longer in regional areas where people could drive for up to 12 hours to the nearest audiology clinic).

Many patients required multiple visits in order to receive the right product to treat their hearing issues. While they were developing technology to help solve that problem, they realised there was a broader opportunity to create technology that could deliver a tailored audio experience for those without hearing problems so they came up with a software program that would change the output in order to suit a listener’s ears. For example, if someone has trouble hearing higher frequency sounds, Audeara’s headphones will boost those frequencies so they stand out.

In this episode, James explains the evolution of the business and the journey to its public listing, how Audeara’s unique technology works, the global prevalence of hearing loss and how Audeara is perfectly positioned to help.

Tune in below.