Israeli battery maker Ultracharge has inked a deal to get your pizzas and takeaway delivered by electric scooter.

The company has signed a deal to supply its lithium-ion batteries to electric scooter maker Blitz Electric Motors which provides scooters for McDonalds and Pizza Hut home deliveries.

The deal could deliver $5.3 million revenue in the first 12 months.

Blitz expects the batteries to double the range of the elecgtric scooters to 200km — while delivering more torque and higher power.

Ultracharge (ASX:UTR) will design, develop and make two series of batteries for Blitz to use in its Blitz3000 and Blitz6000 models. Blitz is incentivised to order a minimum of $5.3 million worth of batteries in the first year to maintain exclusivity.

“This contract with Blitz Electric Motors is a very significant milestone for our cobalt-free, lithium-ion battery solution and clearly demonstrates UltraCharge’s ability to customise solutions for specific end-user requirements,” chief Kobi Ben-Shabat said.

“Blitz’s demand for our battery is critical third-party validation for our lithium-ion battery solution and will serve as a case study for other interested users leading to additional purchase orders in the electric scooter and other enduser markets globally.”

The Blitz3000 electric scooter will double its range with the UltraCharge lithium-ion batteries. Pic: Blitz
The Blitz3000 electric scooter will double its range with the UltraCharge lithium-ion batteries. Pic: Blitz

Ultracharge claims to be the only ASX-listed company — and one of the few listed pure lithium-ion battery makers in the world — producing lithium-ion batteries.

Earlier this year Ultracharge signed a deal with a Chinese fluorine producer to secure supply of its chemical components.

“Lithium ion batteries are rechargeable, and require an anode, cathode and electrolyte solution to operate,” Ultracharge says.

“High purity electrolytes are a core component of lithium-ion batteries, as they play a key role in transporting ions between the cathode and anode.

“The most commonly used electrolyte salt used is LiPF6, however it is a major factor in battery degradation.

“Ultracharge has acquired intellectual property for a more superior electrolyte salt — LiFSI — which can increase battery life and performance at high and low temperatures (more power on cold days and longer life in hot weather).”

Their Chinese partner is one of the few companies in the world which has the capacity to produce this superior salt, Ultracharge says.