AI-powered Australian trading app moomoo has introduced 24-hour five days a week US trading on selected US stocks and ETFs.

Tech trading platform moomoo has become the first in the Aussie market to provide its investors with access to trading hours that cover the entire day, from 10am Monday to 10am Saturday (AEST).

The chief market strategist of moomoo Australia Matt Wilson said that the extended trading hours mark a significant expansion of the tech platform’s capabilities and opens new opportunities for investors who want to trade outside of regular US trading hours.

Wilson said for the time being, moomoo Australia has made available a list of 165 US stocks and ETFs to trade around the clock.

“We chose to only select the most popular, or most traded, to ensure there is enough liquidity to facilitate smooth and efficient trades, especially during off-hours when trading volumes are generally lower,” he said.

“We may add to this list over time.” 

Changing the way US stocks are traded

Wilson said investors will have greater flexibility to take advantage of market-moving events that occur outside of normal US trading hours.

“The ability for Australian traders and investors to access and trade selected US stocks over 24 hours, five days a week allows them to take advantage of market movements and news in real-time, regardless of the time zone differences,” Wilson said.

He said while boosting trading potential, the expanded hours also streamline the investing process.

“This also allows for better risk management, as traders can quickly respond to unexpected market developments and adjust their positions, accordingly, mitigating potential losses or capitalising on emerging opportunities,” he said.

Wilson said when investing in US markets from Australia traditionally “some old-school brokers make you place your orders by 11am or 2pm”and then you wait until the next day to see whether you have traded.

“Lots of things can happen during that time and you can miss big market moves,” he said.

“Moomoo has access to market makers that provide live prices 24 hours a day, five days a week.

“So, you can take advantage of market moves during Australian hours and while the US is asleep.”

However, he said it’s important to note that the overnight session belongs to the next trading day (T+1).

For instance, if you trade during the overnight session on Monday night (EST), it will fall into a trade placed on the trading day of Tuesday (EST).

Source: moomoo

US market offers investors diversity

The expanded trading hours afford moomoo users greater access to the US markets, which Wilson said is critical for those looking to diversify their portfolios, manage risk robustly and take advantage of opportunities in global markets.

“Australia makes up less than 2% of global equity markets, so if you are limiting your investment horizon to local stocks you are missing out on a lot of investment opportunities,” Wilson said.

“Investors love stocks they are familiar with and that’s why it’s important to have access to some of the world’s most well-known brands like Apple, Google, Meta (Facebook), Amazon, Tesla, Disney, Microsoft and Nvidia, as an example.

“These stocks are powerhouses driving the global economy, so why not invest in them?”

Wilson said for Aussies looking to invest in the US market, knowing what to buy and when can be a challenge.

The moomoo institutional tracking feature lets users follow well-known asset management companies, such as BlackRock or Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway to see what they’re buying and selling.

Similarly, moomoo has made sure investors consider the smaller end of the market with their industrial chain feature.

Wilson said the feature aims takes investors behind the curtain of their stock favourites, revealing the smaller companies within the supply chain that are part of the bigger picture, so worth getting to know and potentially investing.

More tools to help you trade the US markets can be found on the moomoo site.

This article was developed in collaboration with moomoo, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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