Need a security monitoring service that can also protect against terrorism threats, real and imagined?

Security service Threat Protect Australia (ASX:TPS) says it can deliver — now that it has a counter terrorism affiliation.

The company, which until early 2015 was an East African gold explorer, says it’s the only one in Australia with a nod from Singapore’s Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioners (CCTP), which trains security professionals on dealing with terror threats.

CCTP is described as “an international accreditation program for experienced security and law enforcement professionals that provides demonstrable proof of knowledge and expertise in terrorism detection, prevention, and response.”

Australia’s current terrorism threat level is “probable”, which is in the middle of the government’s terror-risk scale of “not-expected” to “certain”. Current threats are largely focused on attacks of an Islamist nature.

Australia’s experience with terrorism ranges from the Bali nightclubs bombings in 2002 to the recent attempt by three Lebanese men to smuggle a bomb onto an Etihad flight in July.

Threat Protect is doing well out of Australia’s need for extra security, as it posted a net profit this year of $1.7 million, as opposed to a $5.4 million loss last year following an acquisition spree, and revenue from both the monitoring and guarding arms up to $12.9 million.

The company has been contacted for comment.

Threat Protect’s shares were steady at 2.7c in early trade on Thursday.