Amidst a tumultuous period for the tech industry both in Australia and globally, renowned entrepreneur Nathan Ruff has a bullish contrarian view of market conditions.

Nathan Ruff is well known, and highly regarded, for his previous successful start-up ventures that include influencer marketing agency Hoozu, and Urban Geek Media – and he’s got some positive news for investors who might be eyeing off the currently volatile tech sector.

Because in amongst the gloom and doom of slashed company valuations, business shut downs and staff numbers more than halved, that sector has been displaying of late, Ruff says that he’s also seeing something very important: Opportunity.

“While it’s true that the tech sector in Australia has faced significant challenges recently, we are at the beginning of the early stages of a rebound. The market conditions have created buying opportunities that savvy investors can take advantage of,” Ruff says.

“One of the key reasons for my optimism is the resilience and innovation that the Australian tech industry has consistently demonstrated. Despite the setbacks, we have a thriving start-up ecosystem that will drive the rebound.

“The disruptions caused by the global pandemic have accelerated the adoption of digital technologies across various industries. This presents a unique opportunity for tech companies to offer innovative solutions and capture large market share. Investing in companies at the forefront of this digital transformation can lead to significant returns.”

Three Key Factors

Ruff said there were three key factors that investors needed to assess when weighing up tech companies:

Resilience and Innovation: Look for companies that have demonstrated resilience and innovation in the face of challenges. The Australian tech industry has shown its ability to adapt and overcome setbacks, and investing in companies that have a track record of innovative solutions can be a promising opportunity for investors.

Market Opportunities: The disruptions caused by the global pandemic have accelerated the adoption of digital technologies across various industries.

Tech companies that can offer innovative solutions to address the changing needs of these industries have the potential to capture a larger market share.

Investors should identify companies that are well-positioned to take advantage of these market opportunities and provide unique value propositions.

Early-stage Advantage: As the rebound of the Australian tech sector is in its early stages, there are buying opportunities for savvy investors.

Investing in early-stage tech companies with high growth potential can lead to significant returns. Look for companies with a strong vision, capable leadership, and a scalable business model that can capitalize on the evolving market conditions.

Skin in the Game

Ruff recently put his money where his mouth is, teaming up with legendary dual international footballer Lote Tuqiri to launch a ‘Bucket List’ sports loyalty business called Fanstands.

Bootstrapped by the pair, and already with a user base of several thousands, Fanstands is an innovative loyalty program tailored exclusively for passionate sports fans, and it’s come to market offering unparalleled VIP experiences.

Inspired by successful subscription sweepstakes models in the United Kingdom and the United States, Fanstands is the first of its kind to penetrate the Australian market, promising exclusive discounts, benefits, and remarkable VIP sporting experiences to its subscribers.

“Being a part of any fanbase comes with an unparalleled sense of community and mateship, a rarity in today’s age. Like any community, support is a given, and with Fanstands, the support sticks around long after you’ve left the match,” says Ruff.

A pathway to the very best in global sports

Fanstands offers its members an array of unforgettable moments, breaking down the barriers that traditionally made luxury VIP sporting experiences exclusive to a privileged few.

Through accumulating entries into draws for renowned global events, true sports enthusiasts can now access ultimate experiences at events like the Super Bowl, State of Origin, Formula One in Monaco, and the prestigious Masters Tournament at Augusta National.

The first competition, to be drawn on Monday 12 June, will feature a trip for four to London for the Australia v England Ashes Test match, valued at $51,000.

“You just can’t put a price on the unforgettable shared moments sport provides,” Ruff’s Fnstands partner Lote Tuqiri says.

“I’ve been very fortunate throughout my career, and now I really want to be able to deliver these once-in-a-lifetime experiences to our members,” Tuqiri continues, echoing a sentiment shared by Ruff.

However, Fanstands extends beyond providing exceptional experiences to its members.

With cost of living increases rapidly developing into a major economic factor for a lot of Aussie households, members can access discounts and benefits, potentially saving them hundreds of dollars a month in living expenses.

On top of that, Ruff and Tuqiri share a deep commitment to making a positive impact on the world, which is reflected in the program’s business model.

Subscribers have the opportunity to select a charity or cause they wish to support, with a percentage of their payment directed to organizations aligned with mental health, animal care and protection, cancer research and treatment, as well as support and care for sick children.

By subscribing to Fanstands, members can actively contribute to these vital causes while enjoying the program’s benefits.

The program offers two subscription tiers, the Professional subscription at $64.99 per month and the Rookie subscription at just $14.99 per month, with exclusive discounts and giveaways for members.

To further entice fans, Fanstands is currently offering a 14-day free trial to explore the enticing rewards firsthand.Head to the Fanstands website if you’d like to learn more.

This article was developed in collaboration with Fanstands, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

 This article does not constitute financial product advice. You should consider obtaining independent advice before making any financial decisions.