People who are farsighted — the inability to see close-up objects clearly — might one day be able to use smartphones and tablets without glasses, if a tiny ASX tech company can commercialise its technology.

Nanoveu (ASX:NVU) is well-known for its EyeFly3D product, a nano-imprinted screen protector that can turn the 2D into 3D without the need for 3D glasses. That technology is currently available for iPhones and Google’s Pixel 3 devices.

It has also been developing technology it calls EyeFyx — a vision-correction product that combines software and a screen protector to enable people with farsightedness to read smartphones and tablets without wearing reading glasses.

It told the market today that it had achieved a development milestone, by fabricating a “thin film optical correcting lens” containing “nanoprecision structures capable of fashioning light emitted from a digital display”.

In more simple terms, that is a layer that can be applied to a screen that augments the display and can be manipulated via software to suit a user’s preferences, without glasses.

But the technology is still years away from being commercially available. Nanoveu is currently refining the product through in-house tests, conducted alongside its Singaporean tertiary partner Nanyang Technological University. It is hoping that trials in end users can begin by mid-next year.

Nanoveu reckons the technology could even be implemented in e-readers, cash registers and car dashboards, and it says the low cost and flexibility of the manufacturing process means it will be able to “rapidly adapt” to new smartphone and tablet product lines.

Stockhead has reached out to Nanoveu for comment.

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