Cloud-based IT systems provider Cirralto (ASX:CRO) has snagged a national retail customer for its Poolbox data management software.

The company announced a three-year software licencing deal this morning with Clark Rubber.

As part of the deal, Cirralto will apply its SaaS integration software to standardise operations across Clark Rubber’s 60 franchisee stores nationwide.

The rollout will be executed in two parts, with a head office dashboard connected to Poolbox operating software deployed at each Clark Rubber store.

Once completed, the network will “connect the shop, field, warehouse and head office finance teams in a single ecosystem”, Cirralto said.

‘Major milestone’

Speaking with Stockhead, Cirralto CEO Adrian Floate said signing up a national retailer marked a key step forward for the business.

“It’s a major milestone for us as a business, and sets a tone for where we want to go,” he said.

The Poolbox product is one of three integration software products in the Cirralto suite, focused on pool businesses across large retail chains to one-man service providers.

Along with managing water testing systems, the software also provides a vehicle for clients to bring data management and accounting functions under one roof.

“It’s core application is to help retailers improve how they buy from suppliers and manage stock, as well as how they actually serve their customers and control the processing of funds,” Floate said.

The Clark Rubber deal is revenue-generating, where all franchised stores are to be charged a fixed monthly fee for a three-year term.

Clark Rubber group CEO Anthony Grice said the decision to sign up with Cirralto followed an “exhaustive review” of other data-management systems specific to the pool industry.

Floate said the next stage for the company to move into commercially is merchant fee revenue, taking a clip of each transaction that clients process using its software.

Looking ahead, he told Stockhead the company now wanted to “diversify our messaging in terms of both product, and who/how we want to onboard new customers”.

“We’ve got a very good offering into retail, but if you flip that around what’s probably not understood about us is the potential to unlock distribution networks and how that interacts with the retailers — and that’s probably our biggest opportunity.”