Cannabis leaves and flowers can now be tracked and traced, thanks to miniscule, non-toxic markers developed by advanced tech company Dotz Nano (ASX:DTZ).

Dotz makes security markers called BioDotz, and earlier this year it struck a deal with Israeli company Seàch Medical to test whether the markers could successfully be embedded into cannabis plants. (It is also being paid by private Canadian cannabis company Slalom Capital to develop the product.)

It announced today that its markers were able to be detected in cannabis leaves and flowers “days after being added to the plants”, identified on-site at Seàch’s facilities using Dotz’s proprietary InSpec reader. The markers are non-toxic and cannot be removed or forged.

Dotz and Seàch are continuing field testing for longer periods of time, and under a different range of conditions. Dotz expects these tests to be successful, saying the markers are “designed to continue working in elevated temperatures over extended periods of time”.

The company’s shares jumped 7 per cent on the news, to 4.5c.

Dotz CEO Uzi Breier said the results were an important validation of his company’s technology, with the cannabis market growing worldwide at a rapid pace.

“We have demonstrated a world-first in-plant tagging solution that provides a superior authentication measurement and complements current track-and-trace technologies for the legal cannabis market,” he said.

“Existing solutions, such as RFID tags and barcodes, are easily removed or replaced and have been unsuccessful in fully preventing illegal cannabis from being introduced to legal markets, as well as closely tracking unique cannabis species.

“The global legal cannabis market is growing rapidly, and cannabis producers are under increasing pressure to comply with tighter federal and state regulations. Our complete end-to-end anti-counterfeiting solution provides enhanced product security throughout the cannabis supply-chain with its on-site and real time detection enabling cannabis producers to comply with these regulations and protect their species.”

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